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Technical FAQ

General FAQ

Where can I download the Bumble application?

After you've created your account, visit on any computer you'd like to use to place calls.

What do I need in order to run Bumble?

Bumble supports Google Chrome 11+, Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 5+, and Firefox 3.6+ with Flash 10.1 or higher installed. You'll also need a microphone, speakers, and an internet connection.

Adobe Flash Player wants to allow "" to access my camera and microphone. Why?

Bumble uses a third party service called Twilio that bridges the web to telephone systems. This technology relies on Flash and requires "" to have access to your camera and microphone. We'll only be accessing your microphone, and ONLY when you are calling someone through Bumble.

Be sure to check the "remember" box on the request pop-up. This will ensure your child can make calls without having to grant permission again.

The Bumble app that I installed is giving me an error. What should I do?

Try installing Adobe Air manually by visiting this link: and clicking "Download Now." Then follow the instructions through the install screens. If prompted to upgrade to a new version, click "Update." After Air is done installing, try opening Bumble and signing in again.

If you still have issues, please let us know:

I can't click the button to allow access to my microphone. What's up?

There are a couple issues with Flash and Mac OS X 10.7. Basically, a bug is preventing Lion users from allowing Bumble to access their computer's microphone from the initial pop-up.

There is a workaround, and instructions are available here. We're sorry about the extra steps for you, but you'll only need to go through that once.

If you have any questions, email us:

I can't hear anyone talking to me. What's wrong?

Check to make sure your speakers on your computer are working properly and make sure your computer volume isn't muted. You can use the free "bumble test" to make sure your audio and microphone are working properly.

The person I'm calling can't hear me. What's wrong?

Make sure your microphone isn't muted in your computer settings. If you don't have a built-in microphone, you should also make sure it is plugged in properly. You can use the free "bumble test" to make sure your audio and microphone are working properly.

I have forgotten my password. How can I get it?

Passwords can be reset on the password recovery page.

What number will show up on my contacts' caller id?

Your contacts will see Bumble's main number (402-951-9444) on their caller id screen.

Do you allow incoming calls to Bumble?

Support for incoming calls is coming soon!

Can children use Bumble to call 911 or emergency calling?

No, emergency calling systems can not be dialed with Bumbls.

What is a a Hive?

A Hive is a group of phone numbers that are allowed to connect with your child's Bumble.

How do I set up and edit my Hive?

Administrators must be logged in in order manage Hives through their Hive Administrator Dashboard.

Is Bumble safe?

Absolutely! Children are only allowed to call people who are part of their Hive that you control. There are no wrong numbers, tele-marketers, or spammers.

You can also see detailed logs for all calls made by your Bumble in your Hive Administrator Dashboard.

How do my children dial the numbers?

After launching Bumble, children simply click on the photo of the person they wish to call. It's simple!

How much does it cost?

New users are given 10 credits to try Bumble. After that, you pay as you go as a package of 100 credits for $5 or 1000 credits for $40.

For calls in the United States and Canada, 1 credit = 1 minute of calling. International rates will vary.

Can Bumble be used to call internationally?

Currently, Bumble only supports calls to the United States and Canada. Additional international calling will be available soon.

Can Bumble be used to call 911 or report emergencies?

No. Emergency calling systems are not supported, and you should not rely on Bumble for any other emergency calling.

How do I buy more credits?

Credits can be purchased by links in your Hive Administrator Dashboard.

Can I try Bumble for free?

Yes! All new accounts are given ten credits of free calling to give Bumble a spin.

How is Bumble different than other voip apps?

Bumble is designed to be used by children. The interface is simple and fun to use. Bumble is also safer than other voip apps because calls from Bumble are only allowed to people in your Hive. This means you don't have to worry about wrong-numbers or complicated dialing systems.

Do I need to sign a contract or commit to a plan?

Nope! Bumble works like phone cards.

You can buy more credits and recharge your account whenever you run low.

Can I get a refund on my Bumble credits?

Sorry, we don't offer refunds on Bumble credits.

Where do I find the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Who made Bumble and how can I get in touch with them?

Bumble is Made with Joy™ by What Cheer, a web design and development studio located in Omaha, Nebraska. To learn more about What Cheer, visit