Term Definition lab test help to IDs health condition,Diagnose Disease,Treat disease,Evaluate Response BBp HIVHepatitis B Alcohol test Grey […]

Term Definition goods that which is morally right; righteousness. services a transaction in which no physical goods are […]

Question Answer anterior toward the front of the body posterior toward the back of the body superior towards […]

Question Answer Homo Same Spec Look Duct Lead Fer Carry Pend Hang Micro Small Hydro Water Photo Light […]

Word Meaning Deliberation The act of considering something carefully before deciding Agitated Troubled, Nervous Reprieve Temporary delay of […]

Term Definition prone likely to do something abated became less intensive, hungry apportioned divide and distribute propethic perdict […]

Term Definition Compare To show similarities between objects,ideas,people,places,events,or passages contrast To show differences between objects,ideas,people,places,events,or passages Multiple-Meaning-Word Word […]

Question Answer -ar pertaining to -ation process of -blast embryonic cell -cyte cell -edema swelling -emia blood condition […]