????????1? AmericanCal

Question Answer
1. It’s so dark. I can’t find out____it’s a boy ____a girl.( A. if; and B. that; and C. whether; or) C
2. Mrs. Green asked me____I would go with her.( A. what B. which C. why) C
3.Jack isn’t sure____ students there are in his class.( A. how many B. what C. which ) A
4. I hear____the teacher will come back from the UK soon.( A. which B. that C. when) B
5. Can you tell us____ you grow cotton in your country?(A. that B. whether C. which) B
6. I don’t understand you said. Could you please say it again? (A. when B. what C. where) B
7. Do you know____made him angry last time? (A. what B. that C. where) A
8. Can you tell me____the meeting will begin? (A. what B. whether C.when) C
9. ____ surprised me most was_____ he didn't go to school yesterday. ( A. What; how B. What; that C. That; that) B
10. Do you know ____ she will go to the cinema with us? ( A. if B. where C. who) A
11. It has not been decided____ they will leave because they are still waiting for a man. ( A. why B. when C. which) B
12. I am sure ____you said is true because I've heard about the accident, too. ( A. what B. that C.which) A
13. Who knows____dictionary it is? Is it our teacher's? (A. who’s B. whose C.whom) B
14. She has made it clear____she will have nothing to do with him. ( A.what B. which C.that) C
15. They will be thankful for____ you have done. You are really a brave girl. (A.what B.that C.which) A