4.3 Reconstruction

Question Answer
What are Carpetbaggers? a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections
What are scalawags? a white Southerner who collaborated with northern Republicans during Reconstruction, often for personal profit. The term was used derisively by white Southern Democrats who opposed Reconstruction legislation.
What were Enforcement Acts? An act against people who are of violation and law.
Who were Redeemers? were white southern Democrats who aimed to put an end to Reconstruction and biracial governments and restore the Democratic Party to power in the South.
Ku Klux Klan White angry southerners who form secret terrorist groups to prevent African Americans from voting.
panic of 1812 severe economic depression,
Samuel J Tilden Was the 25th governor of the New York and Democratic candidate for president in 1876
Rutherford B Hayes Another candidate for president in 1876.
Compromise of 1877 was a purported informal, unwritten deal that settled the intensely disputed 1876 U.S. presidential election.
How did Reconstruction affect the lives of African Americans? Whites and blacks could live together in a non slave society.They now had the right to vote and go to school.
What groups formed a Republican alliance in the South during Reconstruction? The African Americans made up a large majority of southern republican voters during the reconstuction
How did Congress respond to violence against African Americans? They prohibited businesses that served the public from discriminating against African Americans
What historical era came to end in 1877? The Reconstruction Era.