????????5? AmericanCal

Question Answer
1. – The light in his room is still on. Do you know____?-Maybe at midnight again.(A. what's he doing B. why he stays up so late C. if he is busy studying D. when he will stop working) D
2. This morning my mother asked me____.(A. why he is not here B. where Julia went last weekend C. what time is it D. how did my brother do it) B
3. – What did your teacher say just now? -He asked me____.(A. how could I work it out B. when did I go to the library C. why I am late for school D. if I had got ready for the exam) D
4. – Can you tell me____? -Sure. He lives on Center Street.(A. where does he live B. where he lives C. why he lives there D. what does he do) B
5. The police wondered____.(A. whose handbag it is B. whose handbag it was C. whose handbag is it D. whose handbag was it ) B
6. – Father’Day is coming. Could you tell me___? -What about a watch? Hell like it.(A. what I should say to my father B. what gift I should give my father C. where I should meet my father D. if I had a party for my father) B
7. – Show me the map, please. I wonder____.-Look. It’s here. In the east of China, near Taiwan Province.(A. where is Diaoyu Island B. where Diaoyu Island is C. what is Diaoyu Island like D. when Diaoyu Island is) B
8. – I don't know Kate’s address. Do you know____? – Sorry,I don't know,either.(A. why she lives there B. why does she live there C. where she lives D. where does she live) C
9.- Excuse me. I wonder____there is a bus here to go to Downing Street. -Yes, Bus No.223.(A. that B. when C. why D. whether) D
10.- Could you tell me___? -You'd better keep a diary in English as often as possible. (A.when I can improve my written English B.how I can improve my written English C.if can I improve my writfen English) B
11.- Many people talk about “Didi”. I really wonder____. -You call to order a taxi through it on your mobile phone easily.(A. how can I use tHem B. who uses them most C. what they are used for) C
12.I know he's been curious about everything,but that’s____. Be patient! (A. what do kids like B. what kids like C. what are kids like D. what kids are like) D
13.- Excuse me, do you know____ ? -Sure, there is a bookstore down the street near here.(A. where can I get some postcards C. how can I get some postcards B. where I can get some postcards D. when I can get some postcards) B
14.- I wonder____. -Yes, of course.(A. where we can buy the pants C. if I may have a word with you B. how often you hear from your sister D. why he arrived late yesterday) C
15.- Excuse me, could you tell me____? -On the Changjiang River.(A. where the accident happens B. where the accident happened C. where did the accident happen) B
16.- Excuse me, madam. Could you please tell me____ the bus arrives -Sure. At 9:00.(A. where B. when C. why D. how) B
17. David asked____in China.-Of course not. Chinese usually shake hands with a lady as a greeting.(A. why he can greet a lady by kissing her C. whether he can greet a lady by kissing her D. whether he could greet a lady by kissing her) (B. why he could greet a lady by kissing her) ->D
18.I’m waiting for the mail. Do you know____ it will arrive?-Usually it comes by 4:00 p.m.( A. how B. where C. when D. what) C
19.I wonder____.(A.how will you celebrate Thanksgiving B.that the Water Festival is really fun C.what do people eat on the Mid-Autumn Festival D.whether you will make a resolution on New Year's Day) D
20.My deskmate asked me____.(A. when would I go to the zoo B. whom I would play tennis with C. how did I get home that evening D. whether I have been to Singapore) B