A 108 Airspace

Question Answer
6 types of airspaces A,B,C,D, E, G
an airspace of defined dimensions within which Air Traffic Control service is provided to IFR flights and to VFR flights in accordance with the airspace classification. controlled airspace
Class A Above All- 18,000 MSL Who flies there? IFR flights ONLYClearance required? YesMinimum pilot qualifications? Instrument RatingChart depictions NoneAirspeed:
Class A airspace is over? 48 states and Alaska w/in 12 nm of coast
Class B Airspace big, busy airports, IFR and VFR, explicit clearance, private pilot and restricted student, solid blue lines, < Mach 1 above 10,000’ MSL ? 250 KIAS below 10,000’ MSL ? 200 KIAS in the underlying airspace or in a VFR corridor, 3sm, clear of clouds
mode C veil typically located where? and means? 30nm of airport and means you need a working transponder C
Class C crowded city, IFR/VFR, two way dialogue, no scped, sol magenta, <250 KIAS, <200 under 2,500 AGL w/in 4 nm of airport, vis 3SM, 500 below, 1,000 above, 2,000 horizontal
Class D dwarf cities, I/F, 2 way, no spec, dashed blue, <250 kias and <200 below 2500 and w/in 4 nm of airport, 3512, traff ad only
Class D airports with part time tower become what after hours? class E
Class E everywhere not A-D or G, everyone, none, dashed magenta fading blue, fade mag, <250 under 10,000,
in class E airspace you need to be within how many miles of blue line 4 nm
Class G on ground below class E, everyone, none, no, implied by class E depictions, <250 below 10,
denote the existence ofunusual, often invisible hazards to aircraftsuch as artillery firing, aerial gunnery, orguided missiles. restricted areas
are there VFR restrictions in MOA? no but advised not to enter when training is going on
Established in areas with a high volume of pilot training or unusual type of aerial activity Alert Area
consists of airspace of defined vertical and lateral limits established for the purpose of separating military training activity from IFR traffic MOA
MTRs are prefixed with IR or VR, and 4 numbers for above 1,500 AGL and 3 numbers for routes extending for atleast 1 leg above 1,500 AGL
TFR are for? (3) examples people, disaster/humanitarian relief, airshows,
in National security areas NSA pilots are expected to? avoid flying below a certain altitude
Class E air space starts at surface when there are dashed magenta lines