A109 Basic Nav

Question Answer passes throughGreenwich, England, is used as the zero line from which measurements aremade in degrees east (E) and west (W) to 180? prime meridian parallels = and meridians = long, lat 39, 77 degrees = 39 north 77 W where longitudinal meridians converge true north attracts the needle of a compass magnetic north Points where magnetic north and true north are the same agonic line earth revolves at a rate of 15 degrees per hour in MST Zulu time is ______ hrs ahead 7 compass course = magnetic course +/- deviation cruising altitudes above 3,000 AGL with respect to magnetic course 0-179 odd thousands plus 500ft ex: 3,500, and 180-359 fly even thousands + 500ft ex: 6,500 for navigation purposes pilot needs to know (7) Starting point (point of departure)Ending point (final destination)Distance to travelWindAircraft speedAircraft fuel capacity/ burn rateAircraft load (people and equipment computations of direction and distance from a known position. dead reckoning navigation by reference to visible landmarks pilotage dead reckoning is navigation using (4) time, distances, directions, speed sectional aeronautical chart scale = 1:500,000, 1inch = 6.86 nm terminal area charts scale= 1:250,000, 1 inch = 3.43 nm terminal area charts are helpful when within vicinity of class B airspace shaded areas show depictions of what might be on ground if sun is in? northwest color tints range for showing elevation brown is highest and light green is lowest max elevation figure is needed for structures above ____ ft tall 200 ft Almost all flights utilize radio navigation equipment as primary or secondary nav aid 2 primary radio systems for VFR nav VOR and GPS how many sats are in constellation and how many does an indy receiver use at one time? 24 and 4 ** GPS consists of 3 segments ** space segment- network of satellites, user segment- the receiver, control segment- people monitoring satellites and making corrections