Advanced Skills T 1 Test 1

Question Answer
Croup patients usually have a recent history of URI
A child could complain of sore throat, fever, and pain with this rare condition Epiglottitis
Subdued Gasping, sitting forward, and drooling are all hallmarks of Epiglottitis
This is a common viral infection of the upper airway in children Croup
Status Asthmatcus Asthma exacerbation not relieves by bronchodialators
Asthma is AKA Reactive Airway Disease
What type of triggers cause asthma in adults and children Extrinsic in childrenIntrinsic in adults
What are some morphologic changes in the emphysemic patient? Loss of perfusion area, reduced elasticity, increase lung pressure, and collapsed airway
This type of COPD causes destruction of the alvioli and abnormal enlargement of the air spaces beyond the terminal bronchioles Emphysema
Cough with sputum for most days of 3 consecutive months, for two years qualify you for which type of COPD Chronic bronchitis
Which type of COPD are the alveoli not seriously affected? Chronic bronchitis
Fibrosis of the bronchial wall, hypoxia, polycythemia, and pulmonary HTN are all hallmarks of Chronic bronchitis
This condition involves inflammatory changes, and excessive mucus production in the bronchial tree Chronic bronchitis
What are some symptoms of bronchoconstriction Wheezing, difficulty breathing, gasping, stridor, accessory muscle use
What are 3 ways to verify drugs? As removed from package, as drawn up, before administration
Who are the final authority on all drugs The department of national health and welfare
This act restricts the sale, possession, storage, control, and use of all narcotics Canadian Narcotic control Ac t 1965
Mix of particles distributes throughout liquid by shaking Suspension
Materials mixed with medications compressed under pressure Tablets
What are some advantages of the parenteral drug route Rapid onset, can give to an unconscious patient, predictable reaction, smaller dose
Painful administration, costly, severe side effects, and increased infection rate are all disadvantages of which drug administration route Parentaral
Which drug route is characterized as safe, cheaper, with a low infection rate Enteral
What are some disadvantages of the enteral drug route Slower, cant use on nauseated or unconscious patients, absorption is based on patinet
What are the 5 enteral drug routes PO, SL, NG, PR, Buccal
This is a med route other than the GI tract Parenteral
Medications along this route are administered along the GI tract Enteral
IO Injected into the bone marrow
Sublingual or Buccal Under the tongue or cheak
Enters the body through the digestive system by the mouth PO
Injected directly to the vein and fastest acting IV
This lead is inverted and not used AVR
V3 & V4 Anterior
Septal Leads V1 & V2
V5 & V6 Low Lateral
High Lateral Leads L1 & AVL
Limb Leads look at The heart form the sides and feet from the vertical plane
Inferior Leads II, III, & AVF
Precordial Leads look at The heart on the horizontal plane
V6 Maxillary line (Same plane as V4)
V5 Anterior axillary line ( Same as V4)
V4 5th intercostal space in left midclavicular line
V2 4th intercostal space at left sternal boarder
V1 4th intercostal space at right sternal boarder
These drugs stimulate the CNS and cause bronchidilation Xanthine derivitives
Xanthine derivitives are AKA Methylxanthines
Fentoterol Barotec generic name
Theophyllinization is given as a loading dose
This xanthine derivitive is used for acute respiratory distress needing rapic action Theophyllinization
Common side effects of all bronchodilators Palpitations, Tremor, tachycardia, anxiety
Epi, terbutaline, salmeterol, & metaproternool are all used to treat Asthma, bronchocospasm
When used in excess these drugs can cause rebound or paradoxical bronchospasm Sypathiomemetics
Fenterol is used to treat Asthma
Fenterol is a B2 agonist
Long B2 agonist used in treatment of asthma and COPD Formoterol / eformoterol
This drug is a moderately selective B2 agonist Orciprenaline, metaproternol
Clarinex is AKA Destoatadine
Desloratadine, fexofenadine, chloropheniamine maleate, & loratadine are all used to treat which symptoms Rhinitis, seasonal allergies
Headache, fatigue, & dry mouth are all side effects of Desloratidine
Hydroxazine is AKA Atarax
Common decongestant drugs Afrin, Dristan, Sudafed, Tylenol cold, Ephedrine
Rebound congestion, stinging, bruning, and addiction are all possible side effects of Decongestants
This antihistamine causes drowsiness, wheexing, and chest tightness Atarax
These drugs cause vasoconstriction of the small vessels in the nasal membranes Sympathiomimetics
3 uses for hydroxazine Pruritis, nausea, adjunct for analgesia
Common sympathiomimetic adverse effects Restlessness, HTN, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, arrhythmia
Bronchidilators should be used with caution when there is a history of… Heart disease, HTN, Glaucoma, BPH,, daibetes, betablocker use
Xanthines mainly act on To oppose adenosine induced sleepiness and increase CNS alertness
Xanthine Derivatives are commonly used to treat Asthma, reversable COPD bronchoconstriction
Common adverse reactions of antitussives Respiratory distress, sedation, euphoria
These drugs depress coughs Antitussives
These drugs inhibit the release of histamine my mast cells Mast Cell stabilizers
Some of these drugs are known to cause increase in liver enzymes Leukotriene inhibitors / agonists
These are bronchoconstrictive substances released during inflammation Leukotrine receptor agonists
Azmacort is aka Triamicinolone acetonide
Fluticasome propionate is aka Flonase, flovent, rotadisk
Common side effects of inhaled corticosteroids irritation (oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal), fungal infection
Budesonide is used for and aka Asthma ,croup, rhinitis. AKA Pulmicort/ turbuhaler
3 Types of Rx bronchodilators B2 agonists, anticholinergics, theophylline
When are bronchodilators most useful Obstructive diseases (COPD, Astham)
Salmeterol is long or short Long
This drug reduces colinergic influence on musculature Ipratropium
Orciprenaline is used for Bronchodilator, asthma
Salmeterol is used for tx of Asthma & COPD
Stimulating B-adrenergic receptors results in which response Relaxation of bronchial smooth muscle
Epi racemic stimulates a-adrenergic receptors to cause which effect Tightening of mucosa to reduce amount of fluid in airway
Generic name for foradil & oxedeze Formoterol
Epi recemin brand name Vaponepherine
Drowsniess, nausea, blurred vision, and urinary frequency are all symptoms of which drug? Dyphenhydramine
4 uses for dyhphendydramine Allergies, sleep aid, motion sickness, parkinsons
Trade name dyphenhydramine Benadryl
Dcongestants are all in which class of drug Sympathiomimetics
Decongestants are typically used to treat which 5 symptoms Allergies, hay fever, rhinitis, sinus infection, cold
What are the most common adverse effects of antihistamines Drowsiness / sedation
Loratadine is AKA Claratin
Dizziness, migraines, & conjunctivits are common side effects of Loratidine
Fexofenadine, & chloropheiramine meleate are know to cause drowsiness, back pain, uri
Allegra is aka Fexofenadine
This drug is used for prophylactic maintenance and treatment asthma advair (flutticasone / salmeterol), flonase / flovent / rotadisc, azmacort
beclomethasone dipropionate is used for Asthma (inhaled), seasonal rhinitis (IN)
These drugs are used in combo with other respiratory drugs to decrease inflammatory response Inhaled corticosteroids
Phyllocontin is generic for Aminophylline
Lufyllin is aka Dyphylline
Oxtriphylline is aka choledyl
nausea / vomiting, diarrhea, head ache, irritibility, insomnia, arrhythmias, seizure are all advers rxns of which drugs Aminophylline, theophylline, oxitriphilline, dyphylline
Aminophylline, theophylline, oxtriphylline, dyphylline are all used to treat Relief / prevention of asthma, reversible bronchospas
This drug relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter causing heart burn Xanthines
Common adverse reactions of xanthines N/v, restlessness, hyperglycemia, tacchycardia, head ache, ecg change
Generic name for atrovent Ipatropium
Orcripprenaline brand name Orcipren
Airomir & ventolin generic name Salbutimol
Salmeterol is aka serevent
Bricanyl is aka Terbutaline
Used as a "reliever" inhaler in asthma symptoms Terbutaline
This drug is also referred to as an antimuscarinic / anticholineregic Spiriva / tiotropium
2 major types of bronchidialators Xanthine derivitives, sympathiomimetics
Ipatropium block Muscarinie acetycholine receptors