Airport operations

Question Answer
have only basic markings and are intended for aircraft conducting a visual approach. Visual runways
On Nonprecision instrument runways aiming point is ______ ft from runway 1,000
Runway numbers are based upon their ____________ course and are located on the approach end of the runway magnetic
an aircraft taking off from 27 is headed? west
Runway Holding Position is? double solid, double dashed line
You must get clearance from ATC to cross double solid double dashed line when going? outbound
red sign indicates runway hold
solid yellow line denotes centerline for taxiing
double yellow line marks taxiway edge and denotes areas not suited for driving over
A dashed double yellow line marks. A dashed double yellow line marks the taxiway edge, differentiating the taxiway from adjoining pavement which is used by aircraft, such as a run-up area or a ramp.
//////// black and yellow lines denote taxiway ending
single solid and single yellow line denotes? and what does each line mean? non-movement area, single yellow denotes clearance needed to cross, and dashed yellow means automatically cleared to cross
Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI) lights display a safe glide path to the runway.
Civil airports display what kind of beacons and how many? one white and one green
mil airports display what kind of beacons 2 white and 1 green alternating
Indicates wind direction but not the intensity. Sometimes locked in place to show the active runway wind tree
Indicates the wind direction and intensity by straightness of the sock wind sock
Indicates wind direction but not the intensity. Sometimes locked in place to show the active runway, looks like a triangle tetrahedron
NOTAMS can be found where on your computer Doss Intranet
provide specific routes for takeoffs, departures, arrivals, and landings. airport traffic patterns
what is the proper spacing on airport traffic patterns 3,000 ft horizontally and 3 mins behind large aircrafts
Civilian airports use _________ traffic patterns with turns made to the _________ as “standard.” rectangular traffic patterns, left
Traffic pattern altitudes for propeller-driven aircraft generally extend from _______ feet to as high as ________ feet above the ground. 600, 1,500
what altitude does Doss use for their traffic patterns 800 ft
in terms of wake turbulence how far behind should you be too large aircraft, small plus, and small or fixed wing aircraft 3,2,1 minutes
As stipulated in 14 CFR Part 91.113, aircraft on final approach to land or while landing, have the __________ over other aircraft in flight or operating on the surface right of way
When two or more aircraft are approaching an airport for the purpose of landing, the aircraft __________ has the right-of-way. at the lower altitude
speed should be _______ on doss ramp and _______ on taxiway 3 to5, 5 to 20
Maintain at least ______feet of separation when taxiing behind another aircraft 50
Rules that apply to any facet of aviation including flight operations, airports, airspace, construction of aircraft, training and pilot certificates. Federal Aviation regulations
category for aircraft is based off? aircraft use ex: transportation
special type rating required for (3) Large aircraft (greater than 12,500 lbs gross weight)Turbojet powered airplanesOther aircraft specified by the FAA Administrator
3 docs required to have on you while flying Pilot CertificateMedical CertificateGovernment issued photo ID
FAA needs to be notified of address change w/in 30 days
no person can act at pilot in command unless (2) accomplished a flight review in the preceding 24 calendar months.–a logbook endorsement from the authorized flight instructor who gave the review
mins before flight review 1 flighthour on manuvers and one hour of ground school
In an emergency, PIC can deviate from any rule to meet that rule
no person may act as crewmember w/in ______ hrs of drinking 8
less maneuverable aircraft has _____ right of way
always give way to the right
When an ATC clearance has been obtained, no PIC may deviate from that clearance unless: (3) -An amended clearance is obtained–An emergency exists–Deviation is in response to a traffic alert and collision avoidance system resolution advisory
must have enough fuel for? regularly scheduled route plus 30 mins
required aircraft docs Airworthiness cert, registration cert, ops limits, weight and balance data
ELT may only be tested first 5 mins of every hour
ELT operates on what freq 121.5 mhz
airframe and powerplant inspections happen every 12 months of 100 hours in aircraft used for hire
transponder inspections done every 24 mos.