Anatomy Chapter 28 True or False

Question Answer
the origin of the muscle is considered to be the end of the muscle that is attached to the most movable structure False, it is attached to the LEAST movable
movement can occur at either end True
Insertion moves away from the origin when muscle is contracted False, moves TOWARDS
Pharyngeal arch is also responsible for the development of some bony fatal structures True
The two origins of the masseter muscle is the zygomatic arch True
the deep head arises from the inferior border of the posterior third of the zygomatic arch and the entire medial side of the zygomatic arch True
the insertion point of the deep head of the masseter muscle is the posterior side of the mandible False, LATERAL side of the mandible
the temporalis muscle elevates the mouth true
the action of the superior head is biting (power stroke) and guides movement of the disc and condyle as it goes back to a centric position true
hyoid muscles only depresses (open) the mouth False also allows some retrusion
the digastric muscle's action is both retrusion of mandible and elevates the hyoid bone and larynx true
the origin of the mylohyoid muscle is the mylohyoid line on the lateral surface of each side of the mandible False, medial surface
the insertion point of the omohyoid muscle is the intermediate tendon true
malocclusion may cause spasms true
only the muscles of mastication are considered when investigating tmj false, other muscles are also important
larynx moves up under shelter of the epiglottis which moves back over the laryngeal opening. Tongue moves food in the mouth and pushes back to help close the epiglottis to cover the larynx to prevent food from going into the larynx True