Question Answer
Capitalism Economic system in which privet business runs most industry
Free Enterprise beliefs that the economy will prosper if businesses are left free from government
Communism theory that all people should collectively own property
Social Darwinism theory that society progress through competition
Corporation companies that sells shares of ownership
Trust grouping a lot of business one bored of directors
Monopoly exclusive economic control of an industry
Vertical Integration ownership of a business involved in each step of a manufacturing
Horizontal Integration ownership of a lot of companies that make the same product
Cornelius Vanderbilt was an american businessmen who built is riches on railroads
George Pullman was an inventor who designed the Pullman system and he was an engineer
Horatio Alder Jr. was a writer and he was know for his novels impoverished boys and there rise from humble backgrounds
Andrew Carnegie he was a industrialist business magnate he led american steel industry
John D. Rockefeller he was a oil industry business magnate