Chapter 10:Chemistry

Question Answer
The kinetic-molecular theory of gases assumes that the particles of an ideal gas are separted by great distances. This implies that the gas particles are considered to have no definite: volume
Under which conditions does a real gas behave very much like an ideal gas? High temperaturee and low pressure
If a gas and a liquid are at the same temperature and pressure, diffusion occurs much faster in the gas because: the particles move fster in a gas and there is a greater distance
If the particles in a sample of matter are attracted to each other but can move past each other easily, the matter is a: Liquid
According to the equation for the kinetic energy of a moving object, which gas would have the lowest average velocity, assuming all gases are at the same temperature? O3
Which factor is the most important in determining the average kinetic energy of gas particles? temperature
Which gas is most likely to deviate from ideal behavior? NH3
What is likely to happen to a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol in an open flaskas temperature is increased while pressure stays the same? rubbing alcohol will evaporate faster
Sublimination involves changing from a solid to gas
Which characteristics accounts for the fluidity of gases and liquids? particle mobility
Liquids and solids are much denser than gases because the particles of liquids and solids have a closer arrangement
An increase in pressure exerted on a liquid does not compress the liquid as much as the same increase in pressure compress a gas because: particles are more closely packed in liquids
The separation process of paper chromatography can be explained by capillary action
when there is a small decrease in temperature, the average kinetic energy of the particles of a liquid: decreases
The movements of particles in solids can be bet described as vibrational
Amorphous solids behave like liquids at certain temeratures because of their: random arrangement
Covalent molecular crystals have very low melting point, while covalent network crystals have very high melting point because the forces that hold the molecules together in molecular crystals are weaker than those that holddd molecules or atoms together in network crystals.
Which of tthe folowing is true for the melting and freezing points of a pure substance? The melting point is the same as the freezing point.
In general, ionic compounds have: high boiling poitns and high melting points.
Water has an unusually high molar enthalpy of vaporization because of its hydrogen bonding
A solid's molar enthalpy of fusion is the energy that is: absorbed when a solid melts
One mole of benzene vapor condenses at its boiling point. The amount of energy realsed by benzene as it completely condenses is known as molar enthalpy of vaporization
A sample of carbon dioxidee gas is in equilibrium with solid dry ice. If the temperature of the system increases vapor pressure increases
A phase diagram relates the states of matter, pressure, and temperature
On a phase diagram, the point at which all equilibrium lines join is the triple point
According to the kinetic-molecular theory, particles of an ideal gas attract each other but do not collide
According to the equation KE=1/2mv^2, is hydrogenmolecules and oxygen molecules are at the same temperture, hydrogen molecules have higher average speed
Liquids diffuse more slowly than gases beacause liquids cannot be compressed
When heated, a pure crystalline solid will exhibit a sharply defined melting temperature
When energy as heat is applied to a liquid-vapor system at equilibrium, a new equilibrium state will have equal amounts of liquid and vapor
If water molecules were nonpolar water would probably be a gas at room temperature
As atmospheric pressure on the surface of a liquid decreases, its boiling point decreases
_______ describes the properties of solids, liquids, and gases in terms of the motion of particles pressure
The process by which gas particles under pressure flow through a tiny opening called ___ temperature
The spontaneous mixing of the particles of two substances cased by their random motion is called ___ 760 mm
If kinetic energy is neither lost nor gained, a collision is called V'P'=VP
Because liquids and gases flow, they are called Kinetic-molecular theory
The force that tends to pull a liquid's surface together and minimize its surface area is effusion
particles are arranged randomly in a(n) ______ solid. ideal gas
The pressure exerted by a vapor in equilibrium with it's corresponding liquid at a given temperature is its diffusion
the amount of energy required to melt 1 mol of a solid at its melting point is its pressure
The smallest portion of a crystal lattice that shows the 3d pattern of the entire lattice is its newton