Chapter 9

Question Answer
During which phase of general anesthesia would the risk of aspiration be the greatest? A. Induction
Which anesthetic monitoring device registers the brain wave activity of the patient and enables anesthetic titration for optimal level of consciousness during surgical intervention A. Bispectral index
Benzodiasepines are classifies by the controlled substances act as which class C. Class IV
which type of drug is used to treat possible postoperative nausea and vomiting B. Antiemetic
Why would a neurosurgeon order mannitol for a patient during a craniotomy for excision of tumor? D. Decrease intracranial pressure
How are most drugs absorbed by the body? B. Passive Transport
Which of the following is not a drug administration route A. Biodegradable
What pharmacological agent administered specifically to treat malignant hyperthermia? B. Dantrolene
Which drug is administered intravenously to treat life threatening cardiac ventricular arrhythmias? C. Naloxone HCL
What is the name of the device used to support or modify the curvature of an endotracheal tube during intubation? C. Stylet
which anatomical structure regulates temperature by monitoring processes of heat production and loss in the human body? B. Hypothalamus
what would be the scrubbed surgical technologist's role in the general anesthesia induction phase? C. Maintain absolute quiet
During which type of assessment would Korotkoff's sounds be heard? C. Using a stethescope for manual blood pressure
Which type of anesthesia would be considered nontraditional in the united states? A. Acupuncture
which of the following pharmacological agents provides muscle relaxation by preventing acetylcholine from stimulating muscle contraction? C. Nondepolarizing
What side effects after the use of the dissociative agent Ketamine HCL make it contraindicated for use on adults? B. Morbid Hallucinations
Diminished cardiac and urinary output, hypotension and tachycardia are signs of D. Shock
The practice of applying cricoid pressure during endotracheal intubation was named for a British anesthesiologist named D. Sellick
The anesthesia provider would assign which physical status classification rating to a patient with severe systemic disease, massive obesity, poorly controlled hypertension or status postmyocardial infarction? C. ASA 3
A bovine derived enzyme used as a chemical method of hemostasis is C. Thrombin
Drugs used for opthalmological procedures are similar to those for systemic use but must be D. more diluted
What is the topical agent used by peripheral vascular and neurosurgeons to dilate blood vessels intraoperatively A. Papaverine HCl
Which type of opthalmic medication constricts the pupil? B. Miotic
Which classification of drugs is used to induce uterine contractions and reduce bleeding after vaginal or cesarean section delivery C. Oxytocic
Which drug is an anticoagulant antagonist used to reverse the effects of heparin? D. Protamine Sulfate
Which type of medication container would pose the highest risk of injury to the handler and contamination of the medication by glass particles A. Ampule
A widely accepted list of safety measures is entites the six ____ of medication administration C. Rights
Minums, drams and drops are volume measurements in which measurement system? A. Apothecary
The apothecary system of measurement based weight measurement on a grain of D. wheat
which of the following naming categories for pharmaceutical drugs would NOT be used in a health care setting? C. Street
Cough syrups containing codeine would be placed in which classification of controlled substances? D. Class V
Which type of drug preparation both is sweetened and contains alcohol A. Elixir
In which anatomical organ does biotransformation of drugs most often take place? D. Liver
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also known as B. Analgesics
What is the term for the portion of the endotracheal tube that is inflated to create a closed airway system A. Cuff
Which measurement method is used to determine end tidal volume of expired carbon dioxide A. Capnography
What is the medical term for normal breathing D. Eupnea
Which vitamin is required for activation of the body's natural clotting mechanism D. Vitamin K
Avitene is the brand name for which type of chemical hemostatic agent B. Microfibrillar collagen
Ancef, kefzol, and keflex are brand names for which category of antibiotic agents C. Cephalosporins
Fantanyl citrate is the generic name for which of the following analgesics C. Sublimaze
The ratio of a solution's solute to solvent is the B. Concentration
By what name is the International System of Units more commonly known C. Metric System
A patient prescribed sublingual nitroglicerin for angina would B. Place it under his tongue
Teratogenic results fall into which category of medication effects? D. Toxic
Magnesium, calcium and zinc come from which drug source? C. mineral
Which governmental regulatory agency has oversight of pharmaceutical companies B. FDA
What is the chemical name for a chemical or drug that causes birth defects? D. Teratogen
Which category of drug is used to outline hollow or tubular anatomical structures for radiographic visualization A. Contrast media
Which type of reaction occurs when a drug potentiates or enhances the effect of another substance B. Agonist
Which type of pharmaceutical agent binds to another agent's receptor site, preventing the other agent from binding there and causing its desired effect D. Antagonist
What type of irrigating solution is used during placement of synthetic grafts in cardiovascular surgery to prevent clotting C. Heparinized saline
What type of anesthesia nerve block involves injecting anesthetics with Wydase around the optic nerves D. Retrobulbar
Lidocaine, bupivacaine and ropivicaine are examples of which type of nerve conduction blocking agents C. Amino amides
Extreme caution should be exercised when using which of the following for localized anesthesia of fingers, toes or the penis or in neonates B. Epinephrine
Which of the following topical anesthetics is used as a freezing method to block pain receptors in skin B. Ethyl chloride
What is another term for spinal anesthesia B. Intrathecal
What is the term for a spinal anesthetic solution that has the same specific gravity as cerebrospinal fluid d. Isobaric
What is done to an upper extremity which an esmarch bandage prior to inflation of the double cuffed tourniquet used in bier block anesthesia C. Exsanguination
When a patient undergoes induced hypothermia to a level of 68F or below it is termed to be D. Profound
Category of drugs used to alter PH of gastric secretions, reduce gastric volume and promote pyloric emptying F. Histamine antagonist
Type of neuromuscular blockade that can cause muscle fasciculations and cannot be pharmacologically reversed I. Depolarizing agents
IV fluid that is a solution of water and serum electrolytes similar to plasma. B. Ringer solution
Category of class IV controlled drugs with sedative/tranquilizer effects adjunct to general anesthesia produces amnesic and muscle relaxation effects J. Benzodiazapine
Reversal agent for opioids that works by competing for CNS receptor sites preventing opioid binding naloxone HCl (narcan) is commonly used E. Narcotic antagonists
Medications used to permit rapid transition from consciousness to unconsciousness by quickly bypassing the excitement phase of general anesthesia A. Induction agents
Potent liquids inhaled via a vaporizer to produce general anesthesia through CNS depression and decreased EEG activity and muscle tone C. Volatile agents
Anesthetic agents delivered through the anesthesia circuit pass into the bloodstream via the respiratory system to maintain unconsciousness L. Inhalation agents
Fluid component of blood containing blood clotting factors removed from one unit of whole blood o. Fresh frozen plasma
Markings on syringes and containers that allow for percise measurements H. calibrations
Listing of common medical conditions that a particular medication is used to treat G. Indications
The effects of a pharmaceutical agent at the target site includes theories of receptor, enzyme and non specific interactions N. Drug Actions
Class of medications that are available without physician authorization K.Over the counter
Metabolic processing of a drug within the body includes absorption distribution, biotransformation and excretion D.Pharmacokinetics
Study of the interaction of drug molecules with the target cells of living tissue M.Pharmacodynamics