Civics constitution

Question Answer
List the 3 parts of the constitution Preamble,articles,amendment
What number of articles does the executive branch have 2
What number of articles does the legislative branch have 1
What number of articles does the judicial branch have 3
Which branch makes laws Legislative
Which branch carries out the laws Executive
Which branch interprets the laws Judicial
Which branch of government does the president belong to Executive
What branch of government does the Congress belong to Legislative
What branch of Government does the supreme court belong to Judicial
What are the five principles of the constitution Limited government checks and balances federalism separation powers popular sovereignty
The principle of the constitution the states the people should have rights to rule themselves Popular sovereignty
The division of our federal government into three branches Separation of powers
The division between national and state government's Federalism
Constitutional convention was held in the city of where in the year of what Philadelphia, 1787
Which compromise dealt with the question of slavery The 3/5 compromise
The founding fathers created what to the president Electoral congress
If we could change the Constitution Congress we must propose and pass the what Amendments
What is form a more perfect union description Most days trying to make America better
What is established justice description Being fair
What is insecure domestic tranquility description Don't cost trouble among people
What is provide for the common defense description Protect the country
What is promote the general welfare description Take care of all citizens
What is secure the blessings of liberty of ourselves and our posterity Keep our freedom going on for us and future generations
What year was the Magna Carta and a description 1215 the first form of limited government
What year was the intolerable acts and a description 1774 taxes they punish the colonists and then they rebelled
What year was the declaration of independence and description 1776 we got our independence
What year was the constitutional convention and description 1787 created Constitution and freedom
What year is the English bill of rights and a description 1689 the first time people are given rights and couldn't take them away
The first three words of the preamble are We the people