Civics test 3

Question Answer
What are the Five basic freedoms Which amendment? Religion, assembly, press, petition 1st Amendmant
Which amendment involves Guns or Weapons 2nd amendment
Troops houses 3rd ammendment
Search and seizure 4th amendment
Rights of accused 5th amendment
Criminal cases 6th amendment
Civil case 7th amendment
Cruel and unusual punishment Handcuffs 8th amendment
Rights of the people. 9th amendment
Right for the states 10amendmemt
Abolished slavery Iis unlucky but not for the right to vote What year reason 1865 South lost civil war 13th amendment
Gave African American the right to votewhat year ( surfer to have freedom) Gave Africans the right to vote in 187015th amendment
Phroibition what year (_to vote but not to drink.) 1917 out laws the making and selling of alcohol 18th amendment
Womans right to vote what year(Pregnant woman 9 months) 1920 gave women rights 19th amendment
Repealed prohibition (to undo) What year(_yrs to drink) Stop fighting,spending allot of money of alcohol 199321 amendment
Limits the president to terms What year(2 terms one are for mistakes one for the fixes) No changes 199722nd amendment
No poll taxes 1962 To stop uneducated black men and women not to vote 24th amendment
Set the voting age at 18(2+6=8_) 1971Vietnam war 26th amendment
How is the outcome of the civil war related to the 13th amendment The struggle against slavery
Two problems blacks had to encounter after given the right to vote Literacy testPoll tax
Which amendment most directly affected women why #19, it gave them rights to vote
What caused congress to pass amendment to limit the voting age for young adults? Vietnam war Young adults couldn't vote before and it wasn't fair)
What to the prohibition and repeal amendments refer to? 18th took away the right to drink alcohol & 21st gave back the right to drink alcohol
The amendments gnat came after the bill of rights refers to the freedoms for which two groups of people Blacks and women
How were freedoms provide in the first 10 amendments than the ones that came after The 1st 10 written with the constitution and the rest were written after and our basic rights