dust bowl

Question Answer
what is the dust bowl The dust bowl is considered to be one of the worst man made ecological disster ever. farms and ahomes wer plaagued with dus particles
what daid the great depression result in the graeat depresion resulted in an increase of emigration of people – some immigrans went back to their native country
what are okies Many farmers decided to pack up and leave their drought stricken farms and move west to California hoping for a new start. So many of the migrants were from Oklahoma they soon became known as “Okies”.
when did president roosevelt become president roosevelt became president after the election of 1932
what was the new deals goal the new deals goal was short term relief and immediate recovery
what is FDR long rage goal FDR long range goal of permnanaent recovery and the reform of instuitional abaauses adnd practices
what are the alphabaet agency the alphabet agencies were signalaing the intent for the godvernment to qintervene q
the civilian conservation corps sent unmarriqed men and young men intoo the feildq to plant trees, build parks, rooads and fight sodil erosion
what is the securities exchange commission the ecurities exchange commission is an agencay that protects public and private investors from st market fraud
what is the agriculturla adjustmenqt aact paid farmers fqor not planwting criops
what is the teqnnasse valley authority- econoic development of teqh e tenneasse river water shed
the social secaurity act fund for retired people an unemployment insurance system for deendent mothers, children, and dphisically diabled
what is relief Relief: assistance given to those in a special need or difficulty
what is recovery Recovery: Designed to help entities get back on their feet.
what is refoorm : put into place to change things for the better
what is defecsit spending whend a governmet spends dmore money than they make
what did huey long believe in huey long beliveve d n sharing our wealth anc creatte hare our weath profgrams
what did father charles coaughlin belive in opposed dFDR becuse he thougt he was to eazy on bankers
what is the fedral reserve the us cendtral bank
what doaes the ferearl ereserve regulate american ecoanomy
what did most latinos due most latinos worked low wage jobs
whay did the great depression hit latinos the most first fired, and lasta hired
what did the new deal programs deny dened giving latinos beqnefits and jobs claiming they were not citixzens
what wer mexican americns denied access to many mexican americans were denied access to school or service at hospitals
what was the national labor relations act gauranteed the right fpr workers to gaurantee workersb to creete union and bargain collectivley
what are unions NAACP supported striking whit union workers