Final cmw

Question Answer
Intention of pre-event massage Warmup Increase circulationMaintain flexibility
Intention of inter-competition massage Maitiain flexibilityKeep warmed upKeep circulation going. Must consider soreness, fatigue, injuries
Intent of post-event massage Assist in cool-down and immediate recoverRelieve crampingReduce sorenessEnhance venous return, lymphatic drainage
Internet of recovery massage Reduce soreness, Restore blood flowIncrease romLymphatic drainage
Maintenance massage intent? Can be deep, address chronic injuries, relieve common stress, increase flexibility, increase strength strengthen proper neuro pathways
Part of injury management timing Decrease swellingReduce muscle spasmRestore proper nueromuscular patterns
Recovery massage is given at least how long after a workout session A day
Which massage is when offer athlete a psychological lift Pre event
Before doing an sports massage must conduct an interview for the goal of the massage
Pre event massage is at least given how long before event 1 hour
Pre event massage lasts how long? 15 mins
Runner you would pay special attention to Calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and feet
Swimmer pay attention to Pecs, rotator cuff, lats, lower back
Cyclist pay attention to Calves hamstrings quads wrist flexors, neck extensors
Court activities pay attention to Back, arm , pecs, hamstrings, quads
In mouth salivary glands release? And produces enzymes called? That breakdown? Saliva, amylase, carbs
Sin stomach hlc and mucus begins to digest Proteins/fats
In small intestines finish digestiona??s of Proteins
Gallbladder releases? And digests? Bile, fat
In large is testing water and electrolytes are absorbed, vit k and vit b12 are produced True
What are macronutrients? Nutrients that provide calories or energy
How many calories per gram in CarbsProteinFat 449
Proteins function Tissue growth and repair,Energy when primary sources of fuel are not available
Carbs function as macronutrients Constant supply needed for brainFuel source
Fats as macronutrient do Fuel sourceThermal insulationAIDS in transport of fat soluble vitamins
Function of soluble fibers Collects waste in upper intestineSlows passage of food Lower blood cholesterol
Function of insoluble fiber Pushes stool through digestive tractPrevent some cancersTraps water increases stool bulk
Proteins break down into?How many essential and non-essential Amino acids9 essential12 non-essential
High quality protein source supplies all essential amino acids true
Burning fat without presence of glucos produces Ketones
% of body made of water 60
Functions of water in body TransporterTemperature regulatorLubricant
What are micronutrients Do not provide energy but are required for a number of processes in body
To main micronutrients are Vitamins and minerals/trace elements
Most vitamins can be made in the body? False
Fat soluble vitamins are Can be stored in body
Water-soluble vitamins Cannot be stored in the body, and required daily
What are the fat soluble vitamins A, d, e, k
Water soluble vitamins B, c, b12, folate
What do vitamin d,k do? Maintenance of normal bones
What do b12, folate do? Formation of red blood cells
What do vit d do? Maintenance of normal muscle function
What vit a do? Maintenance of normal vision
Whata??s vitamin k do? Normal blood clotting
What does b1,2,3,12 do? Normal function of nervous system
What does vit d do? Absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
Vit c do? Formation of collagen for blood vessel, bones, cartilage, and absorption of iron from plant food
Vit e do? Protection of cells against oxidative damage
Deficiency in folate leads to? Neural tube defects in newborn
Deficiency in b2? Dryness and cracking of skin around the mouth and nose
Deficiency in vit a Night blindness and ulceration of eyes
Deficiency in vit c Scurvy
Deficiency in vit d Osteomalacia in adults
Deficiency in vit b12 Pernicious anemia
Deficiency of vit d Increased falls in elderly
Deficiency in vit b3 Pellagra (sun sensitive skin)
Sodium does Regulating body water content and electrolyte balance
Iron needed for Formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells
Calcium and phosphorus is needed for Maintenance of normal bones and teeth
Fluoride needed for Protection of teeth from tooth decay
Potassium needed fo Maintenance of normal blood pressure
Definciency in calcium leads to? Osteoporosis
Deficiency in iron leads to Iron deficiency anemia
To high sodium leads to High blood pressure
To low potassium leads to Severe diarrhea
Which system contains about 99% of bodya??s calcium Skeletal system
Principles of cognitive behaviour Cognition affect behaviour and emotionCognition may be made aware, monitored, and alteredDesired emotional and behavior change can be achieved through cognitive change
Based on cbt A clients willingness to listen to suggestions can affect their healthWhat and how a therapist says may affect a clients health
Which research method often uses a placebo Cohort study
Define personality The enduring or lasting patterns of behaviour and thought across time and situationsThe enduring characterstics that differentiate one person from another
Personality perspective of humanistic Inner capacity for growth
Personality perspective of social cognitive Influence of environment
Psychoanalytic personality perspective Unconscious motivations
Trait personality perspective Specific dimensions of personality
Ia??d is The most basic part of personality and wants instant gratifications for our wants and needs
Ego is Deals with reality, trying to meet the desires of the id in a socially acceptable way
Superego is Develops last, and based on mayoral and judgments about right and wrong
Self awareness is Ongoing attention to ones internal states beliefs, values, preferences, resources, and intuitions
Self image is How one perceives and defines oneself and is the external manifestations of self esteem
Self acceptance is when A person accepts the real truth about themselves
Self confidence is how one believes that he/she has the ability to be successful at particular task
What is the threes step model of stress WorryAnxiety Stress
Which theory is one must satisfy lower level of needs before progressing Maslow hierarchy of need
What are three types of motivation Intrinsic motivationExtrinsic motivationAmotivation
Example of intrinsic motivation Feeling of self worthSense of accomplishment
Extrinsic motivation examples MoneyRewardsPraise
Example of amotivation Absence of motivation
Difference between internal and external locus of congrol Internal believe you caused outcomeExternal believe out side source
What smart goal setting? SpecificMeasuredAchievableRealisticTime frame
The process of changing a negative statement by reframing or relabeling into positive is called Cognitive restructing
Thought stopping is another way to change negative self talking what are the steps? Be aware of any thoughts and feelings that suddenly appear and their triggersUse a firm comment to stop the thoughtsReplace the interruption with a more positive frame of mind
Difference between external and internal imagery External you view yourself doing somethingInternal viewing as self
What is stroop effect? The degree of difficulty people have naming the color of ink vs the word
How does stroop effect relate to attentional control Related to selective attention, respond to a certain environment stimuli while ignoring others
Is anxiety considered over stimulation? True
Is depression under stimulation: True
Pain with passive, active and isometric means whata??s involved TendonsNervesMuscles
If weak shoulder abduction why myotome test positive C5
Ht in pec major would be which fascia line? Superficial front arm line
Women in later stages of pregnancy are more prone to? Ligament sprains
Two disease that make clients more prone for ligament sprains? Ehlers-Danlos syndromeMarfans syndrome
If ankle rolled out and foot in would be what kind of injury? Lateral ankle sprian
Define ligament sprain Excessive tensile stress injury to a ligament
Ligaments are composed of Elastin and collagen
What grade of ligament sprain is with a complete rupture of ligament Grade 3
Client complained of degeneration of synovial joint would be Osteoarthritis
What parts are part of synovial joint Articulation bonesArticulation cartilageSynovial membraneFibrous joint capsule
What can lead to bone degeneration in weight bearing joints like knees and hips Excessive compressive stressExcessive tensile stress
If pain and numbness in hip and leg but not past knee would be Piriformis syndrome posterior femoral cutaneous nerve entrapemtn
What special test do for piriformis syndrome? Pace abductionFair test
What kind of sensations for muscle pain Cramping dull aching
What kind of sensations for nerve root pain Starp shooting
What kind of sensations for fracture Sharp severe intolerable
What kind of pain for ligament joint capsule Dull aching
Nerve pain Sharp bright lightening like
Bone pain Deep nagging dull
Four t s of palpation Tone Texture temperature tenderness
R of palpation Referred sensation
Arom tests what kind of tissues Contractile and inert
Prom tests what kind of tissues Inert
Mrt tests what kind of tissues Contractile
If pain with arom and mrt but not prom it is Contractile
Pain with arom and prom but not mrt Inert tissue
Ankle postural deviations Calcaneal valgus/VarysSupination/overpronationLes planus/cavusMortons footHallux valgus/ hammer toes
Knee postural deviation Excessive q angleGenuine valgusGenuine vacuumGenuine recurvatumSquinting patella
Hip pelvis postural deviations Pelvic rotationLateral pelvic tilt
Cervical postural deviation Military neckForward head posture
Shoulder posture deviation ElevatedSlumped
Elbow wrist and hand postural deviations DupuytrensExcessive cubical valgusRheumatoid arthritis
test for frozen shoulder Alley stretch test
Rotator cuff test Drop arm test
Shoulder impingement test Hawkins Kennedy Empty canNever impingement
Bicipital tendon test Speeds test
Shoulder seperation test Cross over test