Final Review New

Term Definition
serious vehicle malfunction light; immediate action red
must pass skills test-both closed and open road test provisional license
alcohol charges stay on driving record forever
for single broken yellow line between lanes passing permitted
diamond-shaped yellow sign with black markings warn of hazards
following distance 3-4 seconds
legal BAC for under 21 driver less than .02
to make a turn, first signal 100 feet in advance
regulate, warn, & guide traffic signs
who must wear seatbelts all passengers and driver
night driving practice hours for provisional 10 hours
lane to look for gap, get speed up to speed of traffic acceleration
gear to start car park
if engine shuts down do not brake
distance from cyclist to pass 3 feet
distracted pedestrians growing problem
low beam headlights when driving in fog
large CMV's have large blind spots
when backing turn body in the direction you are going
stop for school bus when red lights flashing & no barrier between
committing a moving violation with learner's permit restarts 9 months waiting period
slow down and proceed with caution for yellow flashing light
most important action to save life fasten seat belts
SEE should be used always when driving
right turn on red permitted after stopping, checking traffic and no sign prohibiting turn
areas of limited visibility around large trucks no zones
provisional drivers under 18 may not have under age 18 passengers first 5 months
when accidentally driving off edge of road do not brake or jerk wheel
must stop in school zone whenever signal or crossing guard directs
when accelerator fails, shift to neutral
under 18 provisional drivers can't drive between 12:00 am and 5:00 am
3 moving violations at same time aggressive driving
secures a vehicle when parked parking brake
At intersection left turning driver must yield
means driver must give way to other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians yield
move close to edge of road and stop for emergency vehicle
level of illegal drugs allowed to drive legally none
when driving on slippery roads reduce speed
riding on a film of water hydroplaning
use these to turn OFF OF or ONTO a multi-lane road shared left-turn lane
one foot on brake and other on dead pedal to start car
a yield sign is a regulatory sign
line on right edge of road solid white
at speed bump reduce speed to suggested limit
safest thing to do before starting car put on seat belt, put away electronics
at stop sign with no stop line, stop before car enters cross street
when driving through tunnel turn on lights, take off sunglasses
contributes to more fatalities and more severe injuries speeding
receiving citation with provisional restarts 18 month waiting period, take DIP, suspension for repeated offenses
any alcohol not as originally packaged open container
when driving on same road as motorcycle do not share lane