Gov test 3

Term Definition
Number of presidents 45 but also only 44
Grover Cleveland lost in reelection where he is more popular but he lost in electoral college. Lost first then won.
Most Youthful Presidents Teddy Roosevelt (42), JFK (43), Obama, (47)
Most Senior Presidents Trump (70), Reagan (69/73), Harrison (68)
Oldest initial elected president Trump
President with previous government or political experience Trump
Top rated president Lincoln
Missouri governor qualifications 30 years old, U.S. citizen for 15 years, and resident for 10 years
Missouri governor term limits Four year term, plus 2 term limit
Current governor of Missouri Eric Greitens (56th)
Who supported whig theory William Howard Taft
Who supported stewardship theory Teddy Roosevelt
Stewardship President must do all he can for the American people
Are the powers of presidency less defined or more defined than congress? Less
Who said, "I's rather have one of my children die than grow up weaklings." Roosevelt
Who said, "Every event of my life is tied up with him [father], I feel like he is tied up with me." & "If only my father could have lived and seen me in the White House." Roosevelt
Who said, "The essence of every great leader I have known is a lonely man." Richard Nixon
Who said, "Unpredictability is the greatest weapon a leader can have." Richard Nixon
Who is the only president ever to resign? Richard Nixon
What type of government if William Howard Taft believe in? Even-handed government (All branches equal and balanced)
Who was chief justice of supreme court and president? William Howard Taft
What is an iron triangle?
Who are the different people of the different angles on the triangle? Congress, Bureaucracy, Interest Group
22nd Amendment Limited president to 2 terms
What among the following would be an example of modern presidency?
Who was for the square deal? Teddy Roosevelt
Who was for the new deal? Franklin Roosevelt
Who was for the great society? Lyndon Baines Johnson
Who was the best communicator as president? Ronald Reagan
Hat Theory If president is throwing out the first pitch at world series what hat would he be doing?
Example of Chief of State Throwing out the first pitch at a World Series
Example of Chief Executive Holding a cabinet meeting
Example of Commander in Chief Deciding if they want to bomb other countries in wartime
Example of Chief Legislator Vetoes bills and state of union address
Example of Chief Diplomat Recognizing countries
Who said, "In this age, in this country, public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail. Against it, nothing can succeed." Lincoln
Honeymoon Period Early in administration, both sides support president
Reelection success If president has better than 50% approval rate, and economy is good, president is said to be reelected
Rally effects Bush after Persian gulf war and approval after 9/11
25th Amendment If president dies, VP becomes president
Speaker of the house now Paul Ryan
Vice President now Mike Pence
Who said, "There is hardly a political question that doesn't turn into a judicial one." Alexis de Tocqueville
Are there qualifications for federal judges No
Judicial Review Review by the US Supreme Court of the constitutional validity of a legislative act
Counter-Majoritarian A perceived problem with judicial review of legislative laws
Political line up
Is Gorsuch liberal or conservative
Who was upset about the Bureaucracy Truman
Presidents who have been Assassinated Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy, McKinley
President pro-temp Takes over after the vp
Pros of term limits New ideas and procedures
Cons of term limits May kick out lawmakers who deserve to stay
Trustee theory Person should use his or her best judgement when deciding
Delegate theory Person does what majority of people want them to do instead