Great depression

Question Answer
what is agricultural depression agricultural depression is us farmers lost agricultual marketss in posta war europe and farqmers countinued to over prqoduc farqm goods farmers cud not pay mortgages and lost their farms
why diad the agricultural depression hppen thee agricultural depression happened because there was an increased in unemployment of far workers and a decrease in raw materiaals for qa mass aproduction
what did installment plans and credi led to increase in sales but lmited profit
what is a stocak a share in a company ( people buy a small part of a company – hoping thatq t will increase in value
what is a stock market speulation risky finanacial transactions (buying stocks) for profit
what is buying on amargin buying a stock for a percentage of the price (10%) then owing the rest (which you will pay off when you sell your stock at a profit)
whata is black tuesay share prices on the stock exchanged collapsed and seen ast the start of the great depression
depression the majoritof these individuals benefiited were major corporation stock holders and big buisness owners the top of of socaiety increased in income and the rest of the populatidon saw a l small increase in income many did benefit of th
what is laissez faire laissez faire is the belief that the government should keep thedir hands of tf the economy
what is rugged individualism that the government does not need to involve its self in peoples economic lives nor in nationall economics
who created the Federal Farm bond payed farmers to not harvest