Henle Latin Vocab all the vocabulary words found in the Henle Latin book(s)

Term Definition
terra, terrae earth, land
porta, portae gate
Maria, Mariae Mary
nauta, nautae sailor
Victoria, victoriae victory
silvia, silvae forest
Gloria, gloriae fame, glory
orat he, she, it prays
orant they pray
videt he, she, it sees
vident they see
non adverb, not
laudat he, she it, praises
laudant they praise
provincial, ae province
salve hello (to one person)
salvette hello (more than one person)
servus, servi slave, servant
Deus, Dei God
filius, filii son
amicus, amici friend
Christus, Christi Christ
Christianus, Christiani Christian
et (conjunction) and
bellum, belli war
caelum, caeli sky, heaven
regnum, regni kingdom, royal power
praemium, praemii reward
periculum, periculi danger
imperium, imperii command, power, empire
dedit he, she, it gave
dederunt they gave
gladius, gladii sword
sed (conjunction) but
cum (preposition) ablative with (cum amico, with a friend)
oppidum, oppidi town
Gallia, Galliae Gaul
Gallus, Galli a Gaul
Romanus, Romani a Roman
Roma, Romae Rome
prompter (preposition) accusative on account of
post (preposition) accusative after, behind
in (preposition) ablative in, on
optime! or Optimum est! what to say when you are happy
Pessime. or Pesimum est. what to say when you are sad
quod (conjunction) because
itaque (conjunction) therefore, and so
incolunt they inhabit
videtis you (plural) see
vicerunt they conquered
tabula, tabulae map
lex, legis law
rex, regis king
dux, ducis leader
lux, lucis light
homo, hominis man
imperator, imperatoris commander in chief, general
veritas, veritatis truth
Caesar, Caesaris Caesar
salus, salutis safety, welfare, salvation
vox, vocis voice, cry
audivit he, she, heard it
Sanctus Joannes Saint john
Ego I
Via, Viae the Way
Vita, Vitae the Life
virtus, virtutis courage, virtue
miles, militis soldier
pax, pacis peace
via, viae road, way
populous, populi people, nation
muniverunt they fortified, they constructed
pars, partis part
collis, collis, m hill
hostis, hostis enemy (in war)
gens, gentis tribe
caedes, caedis slaughter
frater, fratis (fratum) brother
pater, patris (patrum father
mater, matris (matrum mother
mons, montis, m. mountain
clamor, clamoris shouting, shout
princeps, principis chief, leading man
occiderunt they killed
flumen, fluminis river
iter, itineris, n. journey, march, route
corpus, corporis, n. body
vulnus, vulneris, n. wound
agmen, agminis column (of soldiers) army (on the march
nomen, nomenis name
mundus, mundi world
erat he, she, it, was
erant they were
adventus, adventus arrival, coming
equitatus, equitatus cavalry
exercitus, us army
impetus, us attack
metus, us fear
spiritus, us breath, spirit
portus, us harbor
senatus, us senate
in, prep. w. abl. in, on
in, prep, w. acc. in, into, against, upon, on
nunc, adverb now
autem, conj., postpositive however
fecerunt they made
venit he, she, it came
venerunt they came
res, rei thing, affair
fides, fedei faith, reliability, faithfulness
acies, aciei battle line
spes, spei hope
posuerunt (abl.) they put, they places
castra, castrorum camp
impedimenta, impedimentorum baggage, baggage train
gratia, ae favor, influence, grace (in Christian Latin)
gratiae, gratiarum thanks
copia, ae supply, abundance
copiae, copiarum, f. troops, forces (military)
posuerunt they put they placed, they pitched (w/castra)
agunt they give (w/ gratias)
magnus, a, um great, large
altus, a, um high, deep
bonus, a, um good
longus, a, um long
malus, a um bad
multus, a, um much, pl. many
sanctus, a um holy, saint
primus, a um first
esto let…be
supremus, a, um highest
pro, prep. w. abl. in front of (before) on behalf of (for)
inopia, ae scarcity, want
dominus, i master, Lord
murus, i wall
frumentum, i gran (pl. crops)
legio, legionis, f. legion
gravie, e heavy, severe, serious
brevis, e short
communis, e common
difficilis, e difficult
facilis, e easy
fortis, e brave, strong
nobilis, e noble renowned
onmis, e all every