Heredity Study Guide

Question Answer
________________ are passed from parents to offspring. They include long fingers, freckles, curly hair, brown hair, widows peak. Etc. Inherited traits
A student and her sister have brown eyes and black hair. Their father has blue eyes and blonde hair. Where did the student get her genes for eye and hair color? BOTH Parents
Your traits are inherited from: Both Parents genes.
Each parent gives ____ chromosomes which is ____from your mother and _____ from your father 23, Half, Half
Whay is an inherited trait that a baby knows how to do when it is born? Cry.
What is the difference between a scar and a birthmark? Get a scar from environment. You are born with a birthmark.
3 examples of acquired traits learned from your parents are: Learning to read. Learning to write. Being potty trained.
If a cat has kittens, will they look like the mother or father? Like both in certain ways
What determines the traits a living thing is born with? Genes
The ability to see a softball is a __________ trait. Inherited
The ability to throw a softball is a __________ trait. Learned
What determines the traits a thing is born with? Genes
What 2 cells join together in reproduction? Sperm and Egg
In what situation will the offspring look exactly like the parent and have the same DNA? Asexual reproduction
Do all living things contain DNA? Yes
How can a dog have different color fur from its parents? Genes combine in many different ways.
What is an Artic Hare? Rabbit with bigger ears made to live in a colder climate.
What are the seven steps in the scientific method? Problem/question, Observation/research, hypothesis, experiment, collect data, conclusion, communicate results.
Which cell parts does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not? Chloroplasts and cell walls
Explain photosynthesis I. Plant takes in carbon dioxideII. Roots soak up waterIII. Leaf absorbs sunlightIIII. Chloroplasts turns these into glucose and oxgenIIIII. Glucose is food. Oxegen is waste that is released
How does a hawk get energy? Consumes another animal.
How does an oak tree get energy? Photosynthesis.
What are three types of symbiosis? Mutualism, Communalism, Parasitism.
Can organisma have a symbiotic relationship if they do not interact? No.
Can something that only consumes a producer be a predator? No. It does not hunt anything.
Which invention slows the growth of bacteria in food? Refrigerator.
Which invention helps us see planets and stars. Telescope