Immigration/Indust US history II

Question Answer
Which Captain of Industry built Railroads? Cornelius Vanderbilt
What kind of Industry did Carnegie innovate? Steel Factory- (Carnegie Steel)
What strategy did Carnegie use to make his steel industry powerful? Vertical Integration
What was Vanderbilt's strategy for success to becoming a rich immigrant? Since he wanted to empire RR companies, he bought up smaller RR companies and eventually in 1877 controlled 4,500 miles of RR in the Northeast.
Who Created Standard Oil in 1892, and controlled 95% of nations oil refineries? John D. Rockefeller
How many Patents were issued between the years 1870-1890? 500,000
Who was a Scottish immigrant who invented the telephone in 1876> Alexander Graham Bell
Who in 1888 invented the Kodak camera? George Eastmen
IN 1896, who invented the the radio?? Guglielmo Marconi
How can the factory conditions from 1860-1910 be described as? Low pay, long hours, and dangerous conditions.
What was the average wage in 1900? 22 cents an hour
What kind of jobs/people would work in factories? Steel workers, textile workers, miners. /1 million Jewish and Italian women immigrated and their 2 million children sometimes under the age of 15 years.
In 1900 how many workers would belong to a Union? 1 in 12 workers
In 1886, who formed the AFL, and what were the conditions? Samuel Gompers/ skilled workers only/used strikes to win better conditions/higher wages/shorter hours/ safer conditions
When did the Shirtwaist Factory Tragedy happen? 1911