language arts test

Question Answer
intramural within the bounds or walls of a city, institution, or building
juxtaposition the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect
perennial lasting for an indefinitely long time
preternatural beyond what is normal or natural
revise reconsider and alter (something) in the light of further evidence
secede withdraw formally from membership in a federal union, an alliance, or a political or religious organization
subterfuge deceit used in order to achieve one's goal
superfluous unnecessary, especially through being more than enough
transcontinental (especially of a railroad line) crossing a continent
ultraviolet outside the violet end of the spectrum
symbol for castle rock punishment; torture; dictatorship
symbol for darkness ignorance and fear
symbol for piggy's glasses ability to understand and know
symbol for mountain perspective, power, truth
symbol for dead paratrooper violence and death in the adult world
symbol for scar human's technology
symbol for conch authority and order
symbol for fire hope; reaching out for help
symbol for painted face means of hiding one's true self
symbol for the beast terror created out of irrational fear
symbol for the island microcosm of the world
symbol for the beach safety and community
symbol for the forest secrecy, hiding, and the unknown
symbol for the LOTF evil, decay, and destruction
symbol for the ocean huge gap that often separates humans from each other
literal use and symbolic use of the conch a shell, called the group together, gave you the right to speak
literal and symbolic use for piggy's glasses to help see, to start a fire, intelligence
literal and symbolic use of the dead paratrooper causality of the world outside the island, adulthood from the outside world, the beast
literal and smybolic use of painted faces to cover their face, step downward into savgerary, lost of identity
literal and symbolic of fire burn things, create light, create heat; hope for rescue, light
literal and symbolic use for The Lord of the Flies pig head on a stick, "Beelzbub", savagery, evil
appearance and personality of ralph a fair-headed boy; protagonist, elected leader
appearance and personality of piggy chubby, intellectual, wears glasses; ralph's lieutenant
appearance and personality of jack merridew leader of the hunters, dressed in a choir gown; the novel's antagonist
appearance and personality of simon represents a christlike figure; shy, sensitive in the group
appearance and personality of roger sadistic, cruel; jack's lieutenant
appearance and personality of sam and eric pair of twins, closely allied with ralph; always together, easily excitable