Lesson 5 ject = throw

Term Definition
dejected The players were _____ after losing the big game.
eject The referees will _____ any players fighting from the game.
injection Most vaccines are given by _____.
interjection You should refrain from using an _____ in a formal essay.
jettison The astronauts had to _____ unwanted materials off the space center in order to make room for more equipment.
projectile When the _____ crashed through the window, it sent shards of glass everywhere.
projector The teacher uses a _____ to show the class the problem of the day on the screen at the front of the room.
reject If the editor doesn't like the article, he will _____ it, and it will not be published.
subject As the king's _____, he was unhappy being under his rule.
trajectory When the quarterback threw the ball, he sent it on a _____ that ended with the game-winning touchdown.