LOTF Chapter 9

Question Answer
When Simon wakes up what is happening? Simon's Jose is needing and a storm is approaching
What does Simon see hanging in the tree? Simon sees the pilot hangung from the tree along with his parachute
What does Simon thing about doing but decides not to? Simon untangles the parachute and the pilot to bring him back to the beach but decides not too
How does Jack look like at the feast? Jack is sitting upon the throne painted up to look like a savage
What does Jack do for Ralph's tribe? Jack opens up his own tribe to anyone who wants to leave Ralph's tribe
What is Ralph's worry about the storm Ralph doesn't have any shelters set up
What do Jack's boys reenact in the tribal dancing? The boys reenact the pig being killed
What happens when Simon comes back from the mountain? Simon is mistaken as the beast and without knowing he is killed by Jack's tribe
What happens when the storm comes? Simons body is washed out to sea and the pilot is blown on too the beach