Medical law 2

Question Answer
An insurance contract by which a Bonding Agency guarantees payment of a specified sum to an employer the legal obligation to pay a specific Bond
Healthcare provider are paid a fixed amount for range of services for each Health maintenance organization HMO member in their care Capitation
The practice of medicine that compliments medicine with alternate medicine Complementary medicine
A corporation of a number of different companies operating in a number of different fields Conglomerate
A term referring to Managed Care Primary Care Providers responsible for referring members to specialists GateKeeper
Type of business management in which three or more individuals organized to render Professional Service and share the same equipment and personnel Group practice
What type of managed care plan offering healthcare services from participating Physicians and providers to an enrolled group of persons for a predetermined fee per member Health maintenance organization (HMO)
The practice of medicine that accounts for the whole person Body Mind spirit and Life Style using all appropriate therapies both traditional and alternative Integrative Medicine
Rent formed by Hospital's Physicians and other providers and Clinics to offer client care Joint venture
What type of health care plan generally one of two types namely HMO or preferred provider organization PPO Managed Care
A type of managed care that encourages providers to improve the quality of their clients care reimburses them for their progress toward a fixed go Paid for performance p4p
Specific type of Corporation in which licensed individual organize to render Professional Service to the public such license individuals include Physicians Medical providers lawyers and dentists Professional Service Corporation
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