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Question Answer
Who was waiting for them when Alyss and Dodge exited the pool of tears? Bibwit Harte
What was Alyss's response when she awoke in Wonderland? "flowers don't have larnxys!"
What happened when Alyss tried to use her imagination on the Cat? nothing
What courageous act did Bibwit do? jumped in between the Cat and Alyss.
What happened that saved Bibwit and Alyss? Chess pieces came out to defend them.
What reception did Alyss give to Hatter? She told him that it wasn't his fault.
How did Jack of Diamonds introduce himself to Alyss? "favorite childhood playmate"
What lie did Jack of Diamonds tell Alyss? That he has been looking for her.
Who were present at the tactic meeting? General Doppleganger, Bibwit, White knight, Jack, Dodge, and Hatter.
Why is Jack of Diamonds against Alyss leading the Alyssians? He thinks that she is unprepared.
Why must Alyss go through the Looking Glass Maze? To reach her imagination's full extent.
Who does General Doppleganger think Alyss needs to speak to first? The caterpillars.
What did the cat tell Redd about Bibwit Harte? That he had joined the Alyssians.
What does Redd do that casts doubt on Alyss Heart in Wonderland? Redd says that Alyss is a pretender to the throne and that she is to be killed.
What would Wonderlanders receive in return for killing Alyss? Redd's eternal favor.
What does Redd want from Jack of Diamonds? For him to prove his loyalty.
What did Bibwit give Alyss to wear? An Alyssian uniform.
How old is Bibwit? Old enough that he taught Alyss's great grandmother's grandmother, so he is at least a couple hundred years old.
Why did Alyss have to turn her back on everything connected with Wonderland? So that she could be normal and "survive in a world that didn't believe"
What did Bibwit tell Alyss when she said that her White Imagination was gone? That it was within her, because it has nowhere to go.
Why wouldn't Bibwit answer Alyss's question about Dodge? Bibwit wanted Alyss to discover that for herself.
What was Jack carrying through the forest? The cat in his kitten form.
Why did Jack of Diamonds decide not to follow through on his plan? He didn't want any violence/ he was lost
What did Jack do after the cat killed the two guards? Blew a whistle for the cut to come.
What did the cut do once they got to the camp? They smashed the perimeter mirrors around the camp.
Where did Dodge take Alyss? To a lookout over Wondertropolis.
Why did Alyss say that the palace wasn't empty even though almost everything had been stolen? It was full of the past.
What did Alyss find on the floor of the palace? The Jabberwock tooth necklace.
Why did Alyss confront Dodge about the way he was acting toward her? She wanted them to be friends again.
What did Redd do when she saw Alyss in the looking glass? She said off with their heads and destroyed Heart Palace.
What did Alyss mean when she said that Redd had not destroyed everything? She had not destroyed Alyss's hope.
What did Alyss do to stop the Glass Eyes? She threw a grenade at them.
Who met Alyss and Dodge as the glass eyes were attacking them? Generals Dopple and Ganger, The white knight, the white rook, and a bunch of pawns.
Where were Hatter and Bibwit when the fighting was going on? They were ahead to clear the emergency portal.
What did Alyss need to do to stay in the Continuum? Stay with Bibwit.
How did Hatter stop the glass eyes that were behind them? Threw his hat, used his wrist blades, etc.
What did General Doppleganger throw at the glass eyes to stop them? A cannonball spider.
How did Alyss save Dodge's life? She imagined a muzzle on the spider that was about to kill Dodge.
What was trying to eat the cat and Jack? Roses
What reason does the cat give for the empty box of orb generators? That the box was from the camp.
What did Redd see as she was pointing her scepter at Jack? Alyss in the crystal continuum.
What did Redd demand be done? Every looking glass be destroyed.
What predicament did Alyss and the rest of the Alyssians find themselves in? The Continuum was disappearing.
What did Dodge do with the small looking glass Bibwit had in his pocket? Used it to reflect a small portion of the Continuum.
What happened when they were in the void? They were spit out of a looking glass in the volcanic plains.
Why did they smash the exit portal? So that Redd and her soldiers would have to come by foot or beast to get to them.
Where were they headed? Valley of Mushrooms
What happened to the volcano? The top layer crumbled
What attacked them from a cave? A jabberwock
What did Hatter do to save the group? Threw his wrist blades at the rocks above the cave to block the entrance.
What did Bibwit do when he attempted to access the lesson for Alyss? He fell asleep.
What does Alyss figure out about her imagination? That it is an unconsious thing. You don't have to think about it.
What does Hatter catch Alyss doing? Imagining a glass cover.
What did Redd do with one of Jacks curls from his wig? Made it into a wig beast.
What did it do to Jack? It hit Jack repeatadly.
What did Redd see that made Redd even angrier? Alyss and the others alive.
What is Redd's idea? That she will go through the maze first.
What is wrong with Redd's plan? She isn't the one meant to go through the maze.
How would Redd find out where the maze was? the caterpillars.
What was the Cat doing with the Wedding dress of Alyss? Giving its scent to the seekers.
What did the Valley of mushrooms look like when Alyss first saw it? Beautiful colorful mushrooms.
What did Alyss discover when she actually entered the Valley Of Mushrooms? That it is mostly destroyed.
Who summoned Alyss? Blue.
Who did Alyss see in the smoke of the Blue Caterpillar? Prince Leopold.
Where did Blue tell Alyss that she would find the key? Hatter would lead her to it.
Who knew where they must go in Wondertropolis to find the correct puzzle shop? Hatter
Where did Hatter take them? A bar in an alley in wondertropolis
Who was their server? Homburg Molly
What did the H stand for that was located below the girl's left ear? A "halfer". She is a civilian and Millinery spawn.
Where was the false wall located? Behind a poster for Redd's Hotel and Casino
Who were coming for Alyss and the group? The cut.
What did the group hear when they were outside the puzzle shop? Seekers
Who kicked Dodge's sword back to him in the nick of time? the rook
Why would the Cut's AD52's be able to shoot ordinary playing cards at the rate of 52 cards per second? They were razor sharp projectiles.
How did Alyss use her imagination to defeat the AD52's? She covered everyone in a bubble.
What was the key? A crystal cube
She happened to Alyss when the fight entered the shop? She fell into a looking glass
Where did Alyss land? A looking glass prison
What happened when Alyss tried to touch her reflection in the mirror? The reflection pulled her into the mirror.
Who showed up in the maze? Queen Genevieve and King Nolan
Who wanted to play tag with Alyss? A younger version of Alyss
What question did the young Alyss ask of the older Alyss? To get the scepter
Who tried to get Alyss to leave the maze? The walrus
What did he warn her about the maze? That it would only get worse.
What did Dodge tell Alyss to do in the second panels of looking glasses? Kill Redd.
Who had Alyss become in the looking glass mirrors after she cut off Redd's head? Redd
What did the Blue Caterpillar tell Alyss? That she had failed.
What was Alyss's response? That it was unacceptable and that she couldn't have failed.
What did Redd imagine about Alyss's imagination? Redd imagined Alyss's imagination powerless.
What did Redd demand in exchange for her friends' lives? For Alyss to give herself up.
What reason did Alyss give herself for sacrificing her life to save her friends? They might live if she dies instead of everyone dying.
What reward did Alyss receive for her sacrifice? She got the scepter and finished the maze.
What did the seeker take from Alyss? The glowing cube.
Why was Alyss wary of Dodge? She thought he had Black Imagination in him.
How did Alyss let Redd know she was no longer going to run from Redd? She announced it over the billboards.
What did the Lady of Clubs advise Redd to do with the Heart Crystal? move it to a more secure location.
Why was Jack of Diamonds trying to help Redd? So he wouldn't get killed.
Where was the secret passage hidden? In the mouth of Redd's portrait.
What was the object of their mission, according to Alyss? Remove Redd from power
What did Alyss need to imagine? An army
What was wrong with the army that Alyss had imagined? They were tiny toy soldiers.
How had Alyss tricked Redd? Made her think that she had an army the size of Wonderland's population.
For what purpose did Alyss use the trick with her army? The weapons can't hurt the toy soldiers.
What did the silence tell Alyss Redd knows that they are in the fortress.
Who wanted to stay with Alyss? Molly
Where had Dodge gone? To kill the Cat
Who did Dodge find hiding? Jack and the walrus
What saved Jack from being killed by Dodge? The cat
How did the cat fool Dodge? pretended that he was dead so that the cat could deeply injure/kill Dodge.
What did Redd want of Alyss? To face her alone.
How many Alyss Hearts appeared in the room with Redd? 8
What did Redd throw at Alyss? Roses
What did Alyss say that angered Redd? That they were family.
What did the bomb created by Alyss do to Redd? Contained her in a cage of White Imagination.
What was the Heart Crystal doing while Alyss and Redd were fighting? Constantly changing color
What happened to Alyss after she imagined the AD52? She got knocked out.
Where did Alyss wake up? London
What convinced Alyss that she was not seeing anything real. Dodge came through a wall and told her that it was fake.
What did Alyss do to Redd? Sent her flying backward and threw a bolt at her, then she threw Redd at both walls of the ballroom.
What did Redd do when she realized Alyss was stronger than she? Ran at Alyss with her scepter raised.
Why wasn't Alyss sure whether she ought to kill Redd or not? It would be out of vengeance if she killed her, but Redd posed a threat as long as she lived.
What did Redd do to escape Alyss? Jumped into the Heart Crystal.
What did the cat do when he realized that Redd was no longer in control? Jumped into the Heart Crystal.
How did Alyss react to the suit families coming to her? She didn't believe them.
What did Alyss tell the suit families would be set up? A tribunal would be set up to see if they were lying.
Who did Bibwit accuse of being most guilty? Jack of Diamonds.
What did Alyss do with Jack of Diamonds? Built a mini-prison around him with a curious bomb.
What did jumping into the crystal do for Redd? It made her immortal.
What did Bibwit suggest Alyss do for the Liddells? Send a duplicate of herself to London.
Who did Alice marry in London? Reginald Hargreaves
What were some of the problems that Wonderlanders would have to recover from? Answers may vary.
Why did Hatter want to take a temporary leave? To mourn a friend who had died.
Who would look after Alyss while he was gone? Molly
Why will Alyss continue to wear the Jabberwocky tooth around her neck? To show that she had not forgotten and still cared for Dodge.
Who did Alyss see in the mirror? Queen Genevieve and King Nolan.
What was Alyss's response when her mother said "It's all in your head' at the end of the book? "I know, isn't it wonderful?"