Plant Nutrients

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Compare plants food to plants nutrients. It makes foods and absorbs nutrients.
Where does a plant get its nutrients from? Soil most of the time.
Where does the majority f biomass (living material) come from in plants? Air (CO2) and water – plant turns sugar into parts like wood and leaves.
What are the three main macronutrients What does each of them do for plants? Nitrogen = Green. P Phosphorus = Flower. K Potassium = Roots and Fruits.
Explain what is means to be an essential nutrient. It must have it or it will die or not complete its life cycle.
Explain the connection between photosynthesis and cellular respiration in the carbon cycle Photosynthesis is what plants do to take in carbon dioxide from the air and water from the ground to make glucose and oxygen. Plants and animals can then perform cellular respiration to break down the glucose and use the oxygen to get energy.
Compare the three main methods of fertilizer applications. Gas: Quickest availability, but can be lost quickly. Liquid: Quick availability, but not as quick as gas. Can be lost fast by rain. Solid: Slower release may take months to be used up.
Explain how a slow release fertilizer works. It takes a long time to release all of the nutrients.
Does rain or drought effect nutrient uptake? Why? Yes. It can be leach out nutrients or if it is too dry, it can make it hard to take them up.
Why do natural environments not need to be fertilized? Nutrient cycle.
If I am growing flowers what macronutrient is most important? Phosphorus.
Where does the biomass (living material) come from in animals? Air(CO2)- Gets mass from its food, but ultimately it comes from the air that the plants converted.
Compare vitamins and minerals in humans to plant nutrients. Plant nutrients are like vitamins to humans. They are essential for life, ut not in the same amount as food.
Why is it important to add different fertilizer mixes at different times of the year? Different times of year the plant uses different nutrients.
Compare Macronutrients to micronutrients. Macro needed in large quantities and micro needed in smaller quantities. Both are essential and required for the plant to survive.
If my lawn is not green, what should I add? Nitrogen.
Explain two ways one can determine whether or not a soil is deficient in a certain way. You can perform tests on the soil to learn about nutrient concentrations. You can look at the plant and see if it is showing signs of a known deficiency.
what is the deficiency symptoms for iron Fe? Interveinal Chlorosis – yellowing in between the veins of its leaves.
Using the above diagram what pH range is boron least available. 7-8.
Using the above diagram what pH range is molybdenum least available. 4-5.
Explain why the carnivorous plants in the Video Death Trap have to eat insects. They do not get nutrients like nitrogen out of the soil either because of pH or because it is not available in the soil.
Explain why soil pH effects how plants uptake nutrients. Nutrients are only available at certain pH's.
What is the deficiency symptom for Iron? What tree gets that in our area. interveinal chlorosis pin oak.
Why is the pH of the growing media important when growing plants? All plants have their preferences plus it can make nutrients not available.
What can I use to alter the pH of my soil if it is not what I want to be? Sulfur and peat moss lower it (more acidic).Limestone raises pH. (more basic).
How would I identify a nitrogen deficiency in the plants that I am growing? Yellow.
Explain why I would use different types of fertilizer with different times of our or different types of plants? Different times of year the plant uses different nutrients.
How does a plant sustain life without fertilizer in the natural environment? Nutrient Cycle.
How can there be plenty of nutrients in the soil and the plant still have a deficiency? By using the wrong pH.
Whee do animals ultimately get their nutrients from? Soil through the food web.
do all plants have the essential nutrients? Yes.
What nutrient deficiency is symptom is characterized by yellowing between the veins? Iron.
what can I add to my plants that will help them with nutrients, insulation, and water holding is overall good for plants? Mulch and compost.
How does a Carbon atom go from the air CO2 into your body? Photosynthesis turns into glucose and part of a plant and then you eat a plant or an animal that ate the plant and eventually you turn it into your body.
What is one way nitrogen becomes usable in the soil? Nitrogen fixing bacteria work with plants that are legumes (beans) to take unusable nitrogen and make it usable.
Explain how a tree makes its wood. It turns it's sugar into the carbohydrate cellulose.
How do plants get nitrogen even though nitrogen in the atmosphere is unusable? Some plants have bacteria in their roots that convert the unusable atmospheric nitrogen into usable nitrogen that the plant can take in. These bacteria can be present in the soil as well.