Process Objectives

Question Answer
Tracking sales of goods and services to customers Sales process
Filling customer orders Sales process
Maintaining customer records Sales process
Billing for goods and services Sales process
Collecting payment for goods and services Sales process
Forecasting sales and cash receipts Sales process
Tracking purchases of goods and services from vendors Purchasing process
Tracking amounts owed Purchasing process
Maintaining vendor records Purchasing process
Controlling inventory Purchasing process
Making timely and accurate vendor payments Purchasing process
Forecasting purchases and cash outflows Purchasing process
Hiring, training, and employing workers Human Resource Management Process
Maintaining employee earning records Human Resource Management Process
Complying with regulatory reporting requirements Human Resource Management Process
Reporting on payroll deductions Human Resource Management Process
Making timely and accurate payments to employees Human Resource Management Process
Providing an interface for personnel and payroll activities Human Resource Management Process
Tracking purchases of fixed assets Fixed asset management process
Recording fixed asset maintenance Fixed asset management process
Valuing fixed assets Fixed asset management process
Allocating fixed asset costs (recording depreciation) Fixed asset management process
Tracking disposal of fixed assets Fixed asset management process
Track purchases and sales of inventories Production process
Monitor and control manufacturing costs Production process
Control inventory Production process
Control and coordinate the production process Production process
Provide input for budgets Production process
Effective cash management Financing process
Cost of capital optimization Financing process
Earn maximum return on investments Financing process
Project cash flows Financing process