qrt 1 voc

Question Answer
suitable for cultivation of land arable
a long repetitive or dull account litany
occurring or seeking to occur everywhere ubiquitous
to dry out, to remove moisture desiccate
full, abundant replete
haughty, scornful contemptuous
marked by a disregard for individual differences or circumstances procrustean
dark and forbidding stygian
a trace or evidence of something that once existed vestige
a technical name or naming system nomenclature
in a condescending manner, with an attitude of superiority patronizing
not allowing refusal or delay, imperative peremptory
no longer current or applicable archaic
and evil or wicked act iniquity
transparent, clear pellucid
a release of emotional tension catharsis
to overwhelm, to fill beyond capacity inundate
to regard with respect, awe, or adoration revere
acclaim or praise kudos
effective, producing the desired outcome efficacious
to alienate estrange
of or relating to a things basic nature, inherent intrinsic
to make amends for expiate
harsh in tone, bitterly critical vitriolic
harmless innocuous
an over abundance, excess plethora