Rise of big business

Question Answer
Capitalism Economic system in wivh private business runs most industries
Free Enterprise Belief that the economy will prosper if business are left free from government .
Communism Written by Thomas Paine that stirred up publicsupport for american Revolution .
Social Darwinism Theory adapted by philosopher ministers in late 1800s
Corporation Company that sells shares of owernership called stockto investors .
Trust Arrangment grouping several companies undera single board of directions.
Monopoly Exclusive economic control of an industry .
Vertical Integration Owernership of business involved in each step of a manufacturing process .
Horizontal Integration Ownership of several companies that make the same product.
Cornelius Vanderbilt Was a pioneer of the rairoad industry of the Civil War
George Pullman One of the most successful railroad giants
Horatio Alger Jr . Published a popular series of novel that reflected the increasing importance placed on individualism .
Andrew Carnegie Invested in stock as he had
John D. Rockfeller One founder of the standered Oil Company , Flollowed a course similar to andrew Carnegies