Rise of big business

Question Answer
Capitalism economic system where private companies run most industry.
Free Enterprise businesses are left from government regulations.
Communism individual ownership should not be allowed.
Social Darwinism states that society progress through competition with the most competitive rising to positions of wealth and power.
Corporation a company that sells stack to investors in order to raise money.
Trust several companies turn control over to a single board director and single company
Monopoly exclusive economic control of an industry.
Vertical Integration owning businesses involved in each step of the manufacturing process.
Horizontal Integration ownership of several companies that make the same product.
Cornelius Vanderbilt was a pioneer of the railroad industry.
George Pullman he designed and manufactured railroad cars.
Horatio Alger Jr. published a popular series of novels, increasing importance placed on individualism.
Andrew Carnegie urged a group of young men to invest in stocks he had.
John D. Rockefeller was a founder of the standard oil company