Sc. Study Guide Science Energy Heat 1 & 2

Question Answer
What are two ways that you use electrical energy every day? Turn on a light switch.Use Toaster.Rub your hands together to warm them.Roll a pencil across your desk.
How could electrical energy be transferred to sound energy? When you turn on a radio, electrical energy flows through the radio to make sound. When you turn on a fan you can hear it hum.
What type of potential energy has to do with an object's position? Gravitational Potential Energy. The higher or heavier an object is, the more gravitational potential energy it has.
What is chemical potential energy? Chemical Potential Energy is when chemicals store energy in the connections that hold particles together, and when they combust or combine they cause movement. For example, a car engine batter or a glow stick.
What is elastic potential energy? Elastic potential energy is when elastic (rubber band) stretches back and creates potential energy. When released, the energy is transferred to kinetic energy. Another example is a golf ball just before it is hit by the club or a soccer ball when you ar
What is sound energy? How does a guitar work? Sound Energy is vibrations passing through matter. A guitar works: when you strum a guitar, the strings vibrate and cause other parts of the guitar to vibrate. Those vibrations exit the sound hole and you hear the sound.
How does loudness or softness of a sound relate to the energy it carries? When the sound is softer, it has less energy and has a lower pitch. When the sound is louder, it has more energy and the sounds has a higher pitch. The higher the amplitude of a wave, the more energy it has, and the louder it sounds.
How does the speed of sound change? The speed of sound changes when it goes through different types of matter. Sound waves travel quickly through most solids and liquids. Sound waves ten to travel more slowly in gases.
How does a sound wave move through matter? As sound waves move through matter, they set particles in motion. The moving particles form a pattern. Sound moves in waves created by vibrations. It moves at different speeds through different types of matter.