Science 3.6 Cell division

Question Answer
what is mitosis? The second stage of cell division. It occurs when a cells needs to duplicate. Everything is duplicated-the same DNA, functions, and genetic code. This is when the NUCLEUS divides.
what is the first stage of mitosis? prophase
what happens during prophase? chromatin condenses, nuclear membrane breaks down, nucleous breaks down
what is the second stage of mitosis? metaphase
what happens during metaphase? chromosomes lines up along middle of the cell
what is third stage of mitosis? anaphase
what happens during anaphase? chromosomes separate and move to opposite sides of cell
what is fourth stage of mitosis? telephase
what is chromatid? one single strand of DNA
what is centromere? the part that holds two chromatids in an X shape
Explain your observations about the worms…. split into two different worms…
number of cell divisions that occur every second in human body 25Million
What happens during telephase? the cell forms two nuclear membranes around each set of chromosomes and chromosomes uncoil, spindle fibers disappear. Daughter cells are formed.