Ss midterms

Question Answer
Complete control over the state; no freedom ??˜?Example: North Korea Dictatorship
Citizens choose a group of people to represent them,make laws Representative democracy
Citizens rights vs non citizens rights Citizens- when turn 18 they have the fight to vote Non citizens- not allowed to vote until become a citizen
Functions of the government Keep order-establish courts Provide security- establish armed forces Provide services-protect publicHealth safety welfareGuide the community- develop public policy and manage economy
What was the purpose of the English bill of rights The end of struggle between Parliament and Monarch
Established the principle of limited government limited kings powers and gave the right to Freeman equal treatment under the law Magna Carta
Revolutionary document a way to gain freedom Declaration of Independence
Financial troubles in the US it led on attack on federal uprising farmers protesting the government Shays rebellion
Who said People have the right to liberty life and property that government must protect for the common good John locke
A decision that was made because the American leaders decided the national government needed to be stronger Constitutional convention
To count slaves as part of the population in order to the terminal representatives and taxation for federal 3/5 compromise
Peoples liberty could be protected by separating the legislative executive and judicial a test of government he taught each test should be separated branch of government Separation of powers
Preamble goals and examples For more more perfect government moneyEstablish justice jury systemInsure domestic tranquility National guardProvide for the common defense army and navyPromote the general welfare her aid the poorSecure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our
Can veto legislation and can appoint judges Executive branch
Can declare acts of legislature unconstitutional can declare presidential actions Judicial
Can impeach president, over rude veto, reject appointments, refuse to approve treaties, impreach judges Legislative
A form of gov in which power is divided between federal, national government and the states Federalism
The idea that the ruler or a gov is boy all powerful (Peoplea??s choice) Limited government
Difference between strict and losose interpretation constitution Strict-Government of the US hold any those powers specifically granted to it by the constitution(Follows it word foe word)Loose-TheGovernment of the US hold all the powers that are not specifically denied to it by the constitution.
Identify the bill of rights 1,2,4,10,19,26 First amendment five basic freedoms Amendment right to bear armsFourth amendment search and seizureBoth amendment rights for the states19th amendment women voting rightsThe sixth amendment set the voting age to 18
Get rid of segregation between blacks to go to White schools Brown vs board of educational
To increase the numbers of minors and woman at work in colleges Affirmative action
This band discrimination in decisions about hiring workers outlawed discrimination based on gender religion in national origin Civil rights act
Obey the law, pay taxes, defend nation, serve in court, attend school Civil duties
Be informed and vote, participate in your community and gov, respect the rights and property of others, respect different opinions and ways of life Civil responsibilities
How to participate in the political process as an American Go to school school and vote
Explain the process of a bill becoming a law House and Senate must approve sent to the president if he so she approves of this legislation he signs it and becomes a law
Who is the leader of each house of Congress Speaker of the house
The qualifications for Senate 30 years old live in the state you plan to represent been a US citizen for nine years
List the qualifications for house of representative At least 25 years old live In the state you want to represent US citizen seven years
Qualifications of the president 35 years old native or born American citizen live in the US for 14 years
First three officials in order of presidential succession Nice president then speaker of house then president pro tempere of the state
What is the Presidents role as commander-in-chief Has control over armed forces (Military policy)
The difference between domestic and foreign policy Foreign-nations plan for dealing with other nationsNational-The ability to keep the country safe from attack or harm
Tools foreign policy Reaching agreements with other countries and naming ambassadors (other are foreign did, making trade policy, and using the military)
Important enough on NATO That certain countries were to come together and defend it with each other if attacked
Isolationism Remaining apart form affairs or interest of other groups especially the political affairs of other countries
EPA (environmental protection agency) An agency of the federal government of the US to protect human health and the environment
3 levels of the federal court system SAD Lowest:district Middle: appealsHighest: supre
The Court can review any federal state or local law or action to see whether it goes against the constitution Judicial review
Promoted ideaS that were unpopular Third parties affect elections
Group of people and then but each state legislation Electoral vote
Devote cast by individual voters in a presidential election as opposed to be the electoral vote Popular vote
How does the electoral college system work They can take a wave boat from the dominant to parties you can win the popular vote but still lose the election
In case of a tie in a local election their is a….? Runoff
The seven propaganda techniques Endorsement-Celebrity or politician backing up someone or somethingGlittering generality-making the product of person look goodJust plain folks-Celebrities and politicians acting normal people
How did interest groups influence the government Can convince their followers to vote for certain people
What is a major criticism of lobbyist being involved in political process They use money to sway politicians (bribe persuade)
What is NAACP And NRA NAACP- national Association of add fence minute of colored people right to minoritiesNRA- National rifle Association looks after the interest of people who own guns
Tax levied by a gov directly on income annual tax or personal income in federal level Income tax
A tax on sales or on the receipts from sales State tax level Sales tax
Tax on the value of a property local tax level Property tax