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A selfless behavior, admitting wrong doing Humanism
Statements of acceptable and unacceptable behavior of a profession Code of Ethics
No personal information given out Patient Confidentiality
Gaining permission before a medical procedure Informed Consent
Within our society the accepted customs of right living Morals
Do to others what you would have them do to you Golden rule
Set of morals Ethics
Awareness of conduct and qualities of a professional Professionalism
Legal document expresses patients wishes concerning medical care Living Will
Crime against an individual Civil Law
Role of your profession Scope of Practice
A deliberate act of threaten harm to another person Assault
Crime against state Criminal Law
Legal document concerning treatment if unable to make decision on own Advance Directives
Enforces employee health and safety standards OSHA
Protection of health related information HIPAA
Permission to perform a medical exam after explaining risks and benefits Informed Consent
Actions aimed at increasing the welfare of others Altruism
Everyday practice of good manners and being agreeable within the exercise of ones occupation Professional etiquette
Demanding your very best excellence
Making choices based on our moral principles and personal values ethical decision making
Accepted rules of conduct moral principles
Ethical theory that is also referred to as consequentialism Telelogic theory
Application of moral principles with others in the medical profession Medical ethics
Honesty in all aspects of life principle of veracity
group-held beliefs that are agreed upon by individuals or groups of individuals Norms
Never making promises that you can not keep Principle of fidelity
Treating all patients equally Principle of justice
"the thing speaks for itself" res ipsa loquitur
Power of agencies to enforce laws Administrative law
Speaking potentially damaging words about a coworker slander
Four D's of neglegence Duty, Direct causes, Damages, derelict
Statements of the minimal behavior of performance levels that are acceptable standards
Oldest form of law Common law
Crime punishable by death or jail Felony
Laws are described as Mandatory rules of society