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Capitalism An economic system used by the United States in which private businesses run most industries.
Free Enterprise Businesses that are free from government regulation.
Communisim A theory that proposes that no one person can have full ownership of a property.
Social Darwinism The thought that people who make money are the fittest people and those who don't are the unfit.
Corporation A corporation is a "business" that shares stock with stockholders.
Trust A group of companies turn control of their stock over to a common board of trustees.
Monopoly Having ownership or control of a business, supply, or trade.
Vertical integration Companies that provide materials and services upon which a certain person's enterprises depend on.
Horizontal integration One company's control of other companies producing the same product.
Cornelius Vanderbilt A pioneer of the railroad industry.
George Pullman A successful railroad giant who manufactured railroad cars that made long-distance railroad travel more comfortable.
Horatio Alder Jr. The writer of many novels based around the importance of individualism.
Andrew Carnegie An industrialist man who became the leader of the steel industry.
John D. Rockefeller One founder of the standard oil company who was much like Andrew Carnegie.