TRVL110 Taxes/Fees

Question Answer
AIF: St.Johna??s, NL $35
AIF: Quebec, QC $35
AIF: Halifax, NS $28, or $15 for travel between Halifax and Sydney
AIF: Ottawa, ON $23
AIF: Edmonton, AB $30
AIF: Calgary, AB $30
AIF: Montreal, QC $25
AIF: Saint John, NB $25
AIF: Toronto, ON (YYZ) $25, but $4 for connecting passengers
AIF: Winnipeg, MB $25
AIF: Charlottetown, PE $20
AIF: Fredericton, NB $20
AIF: Saskatoon, SK $20
AIF: Regina, SK $20, but $5 for travel between Regina and Sask
AIF: Vancouver, BC $20, but $5 for travel within BC/Yukon

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