Unit 2 Theology

Term Definition
What does Genesis mean? It means beginning
What do chapters 1-11 of Genesis contain? It contains the Pre-History of Israel
Prehistory Period of human history for which we have no written record
How were the stories in Genesis 1-11 passed down? Through oral tradition
What type of stories are those in Genesis 1-11? The stories contain pieces of myths of the Ancient Near East transformed by Scripture's authors who were guided by the Holy Spirit.
What stories do Chapters 1-11 contain? Creation, Fall of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Flood, and Tower of Babel
What do these stories set the stage for? It sets the stage for the story of God's relationship with the chosen people
Literalist Everything in the Bible means what it says
Contextualist We have to understand the culture and intention of the authors to understand the meaning of the Bible
Creationalists They believe everything in Genesis is factually true
Evolutionists Believe the universe evolved over millions of years
In the Catholic perspective what isn't in conflict over creation? Faith and science isn't in conflict over creation
What do Catholics believe about the creation stories of Genesis were never intended to be? We believe the creation stories of Genesis were never intended to be factual explaintions
What do Catholics believe about the meaning of the creation stories of Genesis? We believe Genesis is about the religious meaning of creation, not a scientific explanation of the origins of the universe
What is the Religious truth of Genesis? It's that God is the source of all goodness
In the first creation story who is the author? The Priestly author
How does the first creation story show that God is powerful, majestic, and "above humans"? Everytime God creates he says " let there be.."
How does The First Creation story show repetition? At the end of each day it says "evening came and morning followed"
How does The First Creation story show dates? It goes "The first day…the second day…"
How does The First Creation story show details? It says "Fruit tree that bears fruit with its seed in it"
How does The First Creation story show Sabbath? God rests on 7th day or the Sabbath day
What two parts were the days parted into? They were parted into days of separation and days of decoration/population
What image are humans made in? God's image
What are humans in charge of? They're in charge of creation
Steward Takes care of something in place of the one it truly belongs to
Why must we take care of the environment? Because it's not ours it's Gods
Why is the Sabbath a time of rest? It's a time of rest because it's based on God's rest on the 7th day of Creation
Sabbath Sacred custom practiced by Jewish people for centuries
What is the Sabbath seen as? It's seen as a gift from God
When is the Sabbath day reserved? It's observed Friday night through Saturday
What happens on the Sabbath day? Worship, rest, and no work
Who is the Author of the 2nd Creation Story? The Yahwist author
How does God deal directly with humans in the 2nd creation story? God literally breathes life into us
Adam Hebrew term means human being
How does God have human characteristics in the 2nd creation story? God breathes into us and planting things
How does the second creation story show rich images? It talks about seeds sprouting and beautiful. Basically many details.
What does the 2nd Creation story call God? It calls God LORD in substitution for Yahwah
In which account of Creation are man and women equal? In the 1st story of creation as they're created at the same time and in the story of Adam and Eve man is created first.
How do the creation accounts differ? They differ in details.
What do the Creation accounts share? They share the same basic messages that God is good, we are good, and life is good.
What was the sin in Adam and Eve? The sin is trying to be equal to God
What did we refuse to do in the story of Adam and Eve? We refused to acknowledge God as God and ourselves as dependent on God
What did God create us with the will to do? God created us with the will to choose
What did humanity choose to do? Humanity chose to turn away from God
What is Original Sin part of? Original sin is part of our human condition and our global situation
What tendency are we born with, as humans? We are born with the tendency to fall short of what we are created to be
Why are we responsible for our choices? It's because God gave us reason, intellect, and conscience
What often follows sinful choices? Negative consequences
What causes much of the suffering in the world? Free and sinful choices lead to suffering in the world
Who are Cain and Abel? They're the children of Adam and Eve
What happens in the story of Cain and Abel? Cain kills Abel
Why does Cain kill Abel? Cain was jealous that God preferred Abel's sacrifice
What was the outcome of Cain killing Abel? God makes Cain a wanderer, but marks him so that he won't be harmed