Vocab 5 & 6 Vocabulary Lesson Quiz

Alliteration The occurrence of the same initial sound in several words in succession
Literal In accordance w/ the explicit or primary meaning of a word or phrase, not it's metaphorical meaning 2. Word for word; verbatim 3. Concerned with mainly facts, unimaginative
Literate 1) Able to read and write 2) Knowledgeable; educated
Obliterate To do away with completely; to wipe out; to erase {ob.<L "off", "against"}
Ascribe To attribute to a particular cause, source, origin (used with to)
Circumscribe To draw a line around; to encircle To confine; to limit
Conscription A military draft
Proscribe To denounce or condemn2) To prohibit; forbid
Subscribe To pledge to pay for something or to contribute to something; to place an order by signing 2) To express consent or agreement; to assent
Transcribe To make a copy of; to write out fully2) To make a sound recording for later reproduction3) To arrange music for an instrument different from the first one composed for
Acronym A word composed of first letters/parts of a name or series of words
Pseudonym A fictitious name
Onomatopoeia A word that sounds like the thing it names
Nomenclature A system of naming; especially in the arts or sciences
Ignominious Shameful; disgraceful
Epigram A short; witty saying
Epigraph An inscription on a building, coin, monument or a beginning of a chapter.
Choreography The art of creating dances
Graffiti Words or drawings scratched or scribbled on the wall
Graphic Relating to visual arts like drawing, painting, lettering, or engraving 2) Giving a vivid description
Topography The features of an area such as it's rivers, mountains and roads
Eclectic Consisting of parts selected from various sources
Lexicon A specialized dictionary2) Specialized vocabulary of a particular topic or profession
Analogy A comparison of some things that are alike in some ways
Apologist A person who makes an argument in support of someone or something
Epilogue Short concluding section in literary work
Logo A symbol or design that serves to identify an organization or institution
Eulogy A speech/writing in praise of a good person or thing; especially honoring the dead