Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are two functions that are used constantly in organizations. Leadership is one of the components of the directing function of management. Management is the process of assuring that the objective or goals of a team, department or organization are implemented. Leadership, on the other hand, has to do with creating vision, strategies, values and motivating people. The differences between leaders and managers are the way they encourage and motivate the people who work for them.

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These managers and leaders inspire employees to accomplish something in their work and coach employees to perform well and efficient in their job responsibilities. However, these ways of motivation and learning have different approaches between managers and leaders. Managers have subordinates that do what they said in the job. Managers have a position of authority in their areas that they manage and delegate with a strong and direct attitude to their subordinates. They think incrementally following policies and procedures by the book doing the things right for the company. Leaders have followers and they always follow their own intuition.

They always eek out the truth and make decisions based on facts and have a preference for innovation. Leaders are emotional people, who reflect their decisions in a modern manner than the traditional way. Leaders motivated people giving direction about the visions, strategies, goals and values being the guide rather than a controlling mechanism of policies and procedures. Leaders inspire others to do better by influence in a positive manner. There are many different ways in how a leader is follow. These levels of leaderships are: ј Respect: people follow because of what you represent and ho you are for them. њ Reproduction: people follow because of what have you done for them. C] Results: people follow because of what have you done for them. C] Relationships: people follow because they want to be by your side. I:] Rights: people follow because they have to for any reason or circumstances. There are many responsibilities that leaders have to follow to maintain a healthy organization. These responsibilities skills are: ј A leader should be able to get and give information. Leaders need to take notes when there is a lot of detail. Ask questions when receiving instructions.

Get feedback to make sure that the message or explanation was understood and well explained. Leaders need to have excellent communication skills. C] A leader knows how and when to use resources of the group, department, or team. A good leader listens to other members of the group and acquire inputs from other teammates. 0 Leaders need to represent in a good standing the group, department, or team. A leader needs to set the example to his or her followers. C] A leader needs to control the group, department, or team performance by monitoring, talking, and interacting constantly with his or her followers. Leaders should be able to evaluate during and after each activity or speak to see if the objective was accomplished. 0 Leaders are able to think in long term basis who seems beyond the day’s crisis and current situation. Cylinders put heavy emphasis on vision, values, new ideas, strategies and motivation. 0 Leaders have strong people skills to cope with conflicting requirements and problem solving with large groups of people. 0 Leaders don’t accept traditional ideas, they are constantly thinking and reaching for new ideas and visions. I believe that a leader should have various keys to be a great leader.

First, a leader should influence people in a positive way using effective communication. Second, a leader should be able to prioritize and the ability to work toward a stated goal with discipline and flexibility. Third, one of the most important ingredients for leadership in integrity. Integrity builds trust, facilitate high standards, and build a solid reputation. Finally, the extra plus to be a leader is having a great attitude. A leader attitude is caught by her or his followers more quickly that the actions. We are responsible for our attitudes “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.