Leadership Management of the Virgin Group

The leader is treated as the father. . The people-oriented leader (Fiddler, 1967) ultimate goal this is to increase the job satisfaction, with supporting and training etc 6. The task-oriented leader (Fiddler, 1967) A goal is set and focus is on the task. There is a mixture of different leaderships followed in Virgin Atlantic, the concept which gives enough freedom to each employee and giving room for their suggestion too, says it has a democratic style, the controlled management of leadership when it comes to monitor whether everything is happening well, which is towards Autocratic..

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The Founder Richard Brannon who treats he staff first and best, saying “Staff first, then customers and shareholders” is able to get the work he desires from the employees saying, he has people oriented leadership (Grant, 2004). Virgin has minimal management layers, no bureaucracy . The company is considered as the part of a family than a hierarchy, helping each other with shared value to reach the company’s goals together (Nichols). There are different theories of leadership as listed below 1 .

Transformational Leadership -Transformational Leadership is created based on a change and has a vision and energy to transform the organization . Transactional- This is based on an exchange , something is done for the sake of gaining personnel values e. G. Promotion 3. Charismatic-A leader having good charisma 4. Conger and Kananga CLC (Conger & Kananga (1998) Combination of charismatic and transformational leader , trying to take more risk 5. Contingency Theories -Flexible leadership ,where different leadership methods are handled in different situation.. . Situational Leadership-The theory suggests the key contingency factor affecting leaders’ choice of leadership style is the task-related maturity of the subordinates. Classifies leader behaviors into the two broad classes of task- oriented and relationship-oriented behaviors. Considering the leadership theory Virgin Atlantic has got a charismatic leader with transformational leadership . The correct link between leadership style works well on the strategy of the organization to lead it towards the path of success.

Different management and leadership styles have different impacts on Virgin Atlantics strategic decisions; which can be related to the vision of Virgin Atlantic “to grow a profitable airline where people love to fly, and where people love to ark” (virgin-Atlantic, 2011). If it is an autocratic style definitely the company would have not achieved what is has achieved now. Because it is a very strict management with the rules, there is no any friendly environment to exchange ideas, no motivation to make the employees to think that it is their organization, they just work since the work is given.

The autocratic leader rarely listens to others ideas, giving no room for discussion. It is obvious that rarely any innovative idea emerges if there is no room for discussion. But it is said that Virgin Atlantic Airway’ success giggly depends on the founder’s principles – to provide the highest quality “innovative service” at excellent value for money for all classes of air travelers (http://thesis. Typed. Com/term_paper_topics/2010/07/case-study-Richard -Brannon-and-the-virgin-group-of-companies-. HTML, 2010). So if it had followed an autocratic style of leadership it would not have found the secret of successful leadership management styles. If it had followed the bureaucratic style too it would have not achieved its goals; expansion into the international market, utilization of new technology, loyalty among the customers, and joint ventures with other companies (http://pithiest. Typed. Com/term_paper_topics/2010/07/case-study-Richard -Brannon-and-the-virgin-group-of-companies-. HTML, 2010).

Because to achieve these company should have minimum layers of management, but in bureaucratic leadership style there are many layers and a certain pattern of regulations that should be followed. The Paternalistic leadership style would have got a further positive impact on the organization. Because it gives the employees that Virgin Atlantic is their own company, i. E. They would have felt they are the next generation to Andre everything in the company once the leader takes rest, since they have been delegated properly.

But to be so the leader should have more emotional quotient (CEQ) than intelligent quotient (IQ), being an ideal man where humanity and honesty comes first, and conservation of business ethics have been maintained . This policy never let the employees to leave the company or to share its secrets with others since they feel it is theirs, which would have taken Virgin Atlantic a step further. One of the reasons why an organization faces challenges is to manage a change implemented in the organization properly.

Change is the only constant in the world so when the world changes it is a must for an organization to have the pace of change, to anticipate a success ahead. Virgin Atlantic has undergone many changes as the case in 1999 49% of Virgin Atlantics stake was sold to Singapore Airlines to have a partnership. (paralinguistic, 2010) and there was another change in 2008 where Virgin Atlantic started to use bio fuel instead of jet fuel(Virgin Atlantic,2011). When the organization faces challenges like these different situations, leadership styles can adapted to address the challenge.

When Virgin Atlantic sold its 49% of stake to Singapore Airlines, it made the following challenges of merging, because now Virgin Atlantic is not fully authorized to change issues of it, it had to rely on Singapore Airlines too, so it can’t adapt an autocratic or bureaucratic leadership style, it should adapt the democratic where each party’s opinion is considered in the process of Virgin Atlantic. Since Richard Brannon is a charismatic leader (Grant, 2004). He can easily adapt to any leadership style as it is required by the joint venture. In the case of bio fuel usage too the condition is the same.

Being democratic the leader listens to the opinions from others too when there is an issue and can tell them the importance of change for an instance the bio fuel usage reduces green house gas emission in the environment, so it is an environmentally friendly activity. Virgin Atlantic is one of the successful products of The virgin Group whose organizational culture is quite complex, because this specific organization has got more than 1 00 companies with often completely unrelated products. The Virgin Atlantic was too launched to expand the brand value of The Virgin Group, so having an understanding about

The Virgin Group tells what kind of organizational strategy is followed in the Virgin Atlantic. It tries to create the loyalty of the customers; the innovative management inspires the employees to be actively engaged in the organization (http://pithiest. Typed. Com/term_paper_topics/2010 /07/case-study-Richard-Brannon-and-the-virgin-group-of-companies-. HTML, 2010). Many leadership theories have influence over such organizational strategy of Virgin Atlantic. The transformational leadership can have positive impact on the development of the organization.

The possibility of having transformational adhering is assured where all united together as an organization with sense of commitment (Naught), since Virgin Atlantic has a team work with the involvement of each employee, this leaderships favors the health of its organizational strategy, because here the group works under a common goal like increasing the image of Virgin Group in the world, which definitely increases the overall efficiency. Transactional leadership is something different from transformational, in transactional leadership personal performance of leadership is mainly concerned ,which can lead to greed and lack of team work.

According to the organizational behavior pattern of Virgin Atlantic this leadership theory won’t work well because, although the chairman is Richard Brannon, he is not one, but million ones together who has the interest on Virgin Atlantic. So this style rarely helps to increase the performance of Virgin Atlantic. As stated above the vision of Virgin Atlantic is “to grow a profitable airline where people love to fly, and where people love to work”.

Virgin Group has gone far in achieving this, but to be the one of the leading world’s airline, the organization should have a realistic strategy with many features, that supports the direction of Brannon) is the best to navigate Virgin Atlantic in the path of success (Virgin Atlantic, 2011). The first feature is, it should have the proper delegation, because being the leading airline in the world is not a short term objective and the chairman might not have enough energy when that time is close by, to drive it in the correct path.

So first of all Richard Brannon should find someone who can resemble his nature and should try to invest his skills to him. Although the risk taking behavior of Richard Brannon has supported a lot for its development, he had failed in some attempts, like the case of Virgin Rail Grant, 2004) so if Virgin Atlantic should escape to this trap, he should invest lots of time and money in the research and should be more careful in merging or acquiring with any organization. Often doing SOOT analysis and trying to overcome the weaknesses and threats of any issue with the strengths and opportunities will be appreciated.

People with lot of CEQ in addition to IQ should be found and a team should be formed to produce innovative ideas that can transform the leadership style so the world can see an advanced Virgin Atlantic. As having a great leader is an outstanding feature of Virgin Atlantic enhancing the strength of good legislation with the followers will never fail to increase its performance further. Leaders can really work well if the followers too work well with their heart and soul. The followers should be very much familiar with everything and should have the real thirst to support the organization.

The best strategy for this is to start a school in the field of aviation, where some of the intellectual students can be educated freely so that they can be the greater milestones in the future, because loyalty will be automatically added. So to be the leading airline Virgin Atlantic should maintain the current adhering it has now with some further enhancement to make this strategy sustainable. The characteristic feature the vocal and flamboyant leader Richard Abrasion’s current leadership requirements can be reviewed by the means as follows Formal learning These are the educational bodies where leadership is taught.

Self help and developmental activities, self directed learning and reading article This refers to how one can land himself with leadership skills by reading the literature and biographies of great leaders and by others means. Mentoring This method refers to the, how the future leaders can be advised to be really attention, with the help of experience and knowledge of present leaders. Coaching This is usually done by one to one session plan, to address specific development and personal development plan. This method enhances the special requirements to lead the business and the communication skill specifically can be effective.

Assessment Centers, Action learning, Companies’ own universities This is one of the best ways for the leaders to be developed. It refers to the educational bodies those are owned by the organization itself, by this method the company can educate and land the leadership skills more effectively, as the loyalty and the good fellowship is already invested. For an example, the bible colleges those run by the churches, although this is apart from the business scenario, by this the church gets the new priests by developing ones within the organization not by getting someone out of the organization.

Considering Virgin Atlantic the best way to review the leadership skills are the mixture of all mentioned above with different proportion. As already stated it is an organization with a unique organizational culture, so the formal ways like reading articles and self development approaches on help a little in reviewing. On the other hand the method of reviewing should easily land, the highest CEQ, treating business like family, venturesome and other ways the business ethics conserved of Richard Brannon. Because he just not “go global” but “thing global”.

In addition since Virgin Atlantic is vast, having 9000 employees and 4. 5 million passengers a year (scribe, http://www. scribe. Com/doc/48348385/Virgin-Atlantic, 2007), successful and multicultural organization, specially there shouldn’t be having bias nature or stereotypes. So as I mentioned above the formal strategy of leadership development is comparatively ineffective to, not only the informal ultra of Virgin Atlantic but also to the other institutions. Currently, 85% of respondents are pursuing leadership development activities and 52% have a formal strategy for the development of leaders (http://BMW. Bid. Co. UK/NOR/redolence/271CD424-ICC-AAA-BIBB-1FAD80573E4A /0/transcendentalist’s. PDF, 2005) So in Virgin Atlantic the leadership should be reviewed specially having its own college of leadership where the students should be taught the history of Virgin Atlantic besides the school curriculum. Because this will help the students to be exposed many years to the organization where the familiarity will be found ND if really the ones with inborn intelligence and CEQ are found, they can be easily captured to lead the major positions in the organization.

But this should be handled with care because the competitive companies can easily get the secrets of success, because it is an open school, as this risk in unavoidable in any field of concern, this is the best way to review to sustain the great organization Virgin Atlantic in the future with the quality it has now or with improved quality, because for anything there is a room for development and improvement. The future strategies of the Virgin Atlantic are Expanding Virgin Atlantic in Asia Increase the aircraft fleet Forming global partnerships with other organizations which can be future threat. Continue to be innovative Have good relationship specially with upper class customers Globalize the virgin brand further (scribe, http://www. scribe. Com/search? Queering+Atlantic+++, 2011) To be successful in this future strategy Virgin Atlantic should develop an adequate leadership plan. First of all it should start to delegate the potential energy to someone who can uphold the organization in the future. To have the aggressive expansion in Asia, the company can recruit some of the expertise from Asia, and lead them carefully so they can contribute to establish a business firm in their respective countries . T can be either by merging or acquisition. The present transformational and charismatic leadership style what Richard Brannon has will support it, but the familiarity with Asia should increase. To be innovative and form alliance to develop the Virgin Atlantic, further researches should be conducted to find in which ways the leadership nature of Richard Brannon can be enhanced, a good feed beck should be taken after he implementation of these research studies are implemented to identify the worthiness of change in strategic plans.

Young teams should be formed with some innovative and fresh ideas. These teams can be given tasks like how to impress the people towards Virgin Atlantic specially the upper class ones. The development of leadership for the succession of its future leaders can be effectively planned. The idea of the leadership team entered into Virgin Atlantic after the problem it faced in 2009. It was unable to meet the expectation of the world, due to the reputed awareness of Virgin Brand; with its young management team comparatively.

So it sent 120 managers to leadership workshops which increased the profit by 7%. The guidelines for the leadership skills are mentioned below 1. Have a clear idea about the sector in which it is operating and comprehensively understand, the present and future context of the organization 2. Know what you are going to require of your leaders in the future, thus focus on potential performance. 3. None of the leadership programmer should be ties with the other organizations.

It should have its unique way within the 4 Get the idea what will be the current and future leadership challenges room present leaders. 5. Use many mechanisms to land leadership skills; these might include group sessions and one-to-one work, experiential and paper-based activities, company projects, feedback and coaching. 6. Develop set of principles for leadership, and have a frame work. 7. In any developed programmer reflect the culture of the company, make full use of the available resources. 8. Give participants the opportunity to voice their career aspirations. . Let the top layer of management to involve during or at the end or at the beginning of the programmer, whenever possible. 10. When the programmer is being carried out, build personal developing programmer too, because after the completion of the programmer , individuals rarely focus on their personal development 11. Have good evaluation throughout the programmer. In any future plans of leadership, to be transformed into the future leaders, all the above steps should be considered. It can be planned by having meetings, discussion, presentations etc.

Frequent meetings should be arranged in group wise from bottom layer to the topmost layer so that the requirements can easily reach to Richard Brannon, rewards should be given to the best ideas, because he employees should be treated well and given dignity for their ideas, because this can induce themselves to be customers and will encourage their family and friends to be the customers. Customers should be given enough chances to share their positive and negative experiences and comments about Virgin Atlantic.

The negative ideas should be the most welcomed and rewarded for the time spent because it says the gap that should be reached further. In planning the leadership to delegate, the top most layer of team should visit their industries to have presentations and to capture the potential leaders. There are lot of usefulness by the methods adopted in planning the development of leadership in Virgin Atlantic. Because when it is planned there is more assurance of the good leadership expected. Having the meetings and. There means to plan helps in getting the feedback, so the weaknesses and threats can be easily identified. These methods will help in monitoring the future strategy too. There are certain guidelines to develop future leadership plan to virgin Atlantic. The second concept of the guidelines of leadership is telling to know what we require from the potential leader, identification of this should be landed and there should be spontaneous assessments too. Getting the ideas from the current leaders shouldn’t be forgotten in planning the method to develop the leadership skills.

The experience and skills of current leaders are one of the valuable pillars which support Virgin Atlantic. Methods to help in getting their ideas, like having presentations from them help Virgin Atlantic to anticipate correctly. Variety of leadership development mechanism should be used in developing leadership skills, such as: group sessions and one-to-one work, experiential and paper-based activities, company projects, feedback and coaching.