Management and Leadership

The leadership team is responsible for making sure the management team gets everything needed to complete the tasks set before them. Cataracts is a company with Strong Leadership and Management teams, who want to make Cataracts the most successful coffee shops on the planet.

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Cataracts’ management reviews the applications ND selects individuals for an interview. The managers checks references. Cataracts employs a diverse group of individuals around the world. They recruit new partners and promote the existing partners. Cataracts looks for team players that are passionate about Cataracts, self-motivated, and adaptable. The Managers are in charge of the training process and how the partners will perform. Managers should follow up with all the learning coaches to be sure they are teaching the accurate material and showing ways to increase speed of service.

The managers at Cataracts offer a program. From a business ethics did Cataracts management is a leader when ethics and diversity come into the picture. With stores located worldwide Cataracts managers have to learn different culture and hoe to deal with employees in those Strictures. Howard Schultz wrote the Standards of Business Conduct. Mr.. Schultz explains why the company uses the standards and why setting standards on how the company runs is important not only the company, but why the standards are important to running a successful business.

He continues to say how Cataracts values feedback about how the company is performing and concerns if anyone has any. Cataracts also supports having a happy, safe and fun workplace for the employees, to ensure everyone’s happiness. (Howard Schultz) Planning is a process of continuing development of the business, the mission and objectives and trying to figure how to accomplish them. Planning also includes a wide view of the organization’s mission, and the specific way for accomplishing the objective. University of Wisconsin Whitewater, July 5, 2006, chap. 1) Cataracts management team has set performance standards for partners. Cataracts starts new relationships with staff in a positive way by making clear the details and expectations the company has for all new employees. This gives the partners clear guidelines to follow to have success in his or her experience and allow the guidelines and plans for his or her success. Cataracts wants all partners to have the same enjoyable experiences when he or she joins the company.

Organizing is the process of converting plans into action. Organizing can include creating a list of duties, developing deadlines and timetables for work, assigning tasks, determining and assembling the necessary resources and carrying out the plan. It is the organizing function that most people think bout when they think of management. The organizing function is also where the process of supervising others and assigning authority occurs. (University of Wisconsin Whitewater, July 5, 2006, chap. ) The management team at Cataracts has the management skills needed to run the company’s many locations around the world with friendly courteous employees who seem happy to work for Cataracts and serve his or her customers the best coffee. Cataracts organizational skills also come into play when management empowered employees to hand out free drink coupons or other gifts for customers who were to happy with the service he or she received. Leading is the act of directing the behavior of all personnel to accomplish the organization’s mission and goals.

In order for the goals to be achieved, a shared vision and a clear understanding of everyone’s role in the process must be developed. The leading function allows the person or persons in charge of the organization’s mission or individual goals and objectives to inspire all personnel involved in the task to work together for the best result. (University of Wisconsin Whitewater, July 5, 2006, chap. 1) Cataracts has strong leaders on the management team. Managers have to be able to delegate responsibility to his or her employees in order to keep the company running successfully and keeping Cataracts on the top of the coffee store market.

The managers have learned how to bring out the best in each employee and get them to work to the best of his or her ability. Doing this has led to Cataracts employees being happy and doing the best job for themselves and the company. Controlling is a part of management that is not considered to be as important. Like planning, it is a continual process; like organizing, it involves translation like leading, it involves diplomacy. Controlling is monitoring work progress to the company goals, and taking corrective action when required. University of Wisconsin Whitewater, July 5, 2006, chap. 1) Cataracts managers do employee assessments and store assessments to control how the company operates and to keep the company, employees and customers coming back to Cataracts. The managers have goals that have been expressed to them by the higher level management team and make the managers responsible for making the company goals a reality and giving the managers the power to use the accessory means to accomplish the goals of the company.

Cataracts has found a way to use the four mechanisms to the advantage of the company and the employees in all aspects from hiring interviews to corrective action if needed to the fine tuning of customer service and customer needs.