True Leadership vs. Typical Business Management

True Leadership vs.. Typical Business Management Leadership is defined as the process by which one individual exerts influence over the other people and inspires, motivates, and directs their activities to help achieve group organizational goals. To be a true leader you must be able to exert influence over other people to help achieve goals. True leaders have certain qualities which make them true leaders. These characteristics include knowledge, dominance, high energy, tolerance for stress and many more. It is important to display knowledge because it helps managers discover new ways o improve efficiency and effectiveness.

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Dominance helps a manager encourage and influence their subordinates make proper decisions and meet goals. Having high energy is definitely a must because a manager will be faced with plenty of challenges and demands they must overcome. Tolerance for stress is also a must because there will always be something stressing you out and you have to be able to conquer them. There are three different types of leaders one could become. One of which is the relationship leader. A relationship leader is the type of person that wants to be liked by everyone and tries to avoid conflict.

They also worry a lot about building personal relationships with their subordinates. An example of a relationship manager would be a manager who is willing to go out to the bar or club with their employees. I personally feel that would not be a smart decision. The other type of leader is the transformational leader. This type of person focuses on transforming the attitudes and job outlooks of their subordinates. They make sure to stress the importance of the individual’s job description and their success in meeting organizational goals. They also stress the importance of growth and accomplishments within the many.

Last but not least, the last type of leader is the task-oriented leader. This type of person is all about the tasks involved in the job and makes sure everyone follows the guidelines in order to get the job done. Typical business managers work in organizations. They focus on organizational performance, which is the measure of efficiently and effectively a manager uses resources to satisfy customer needs. Efficiency is a must because it makes the business progress and upgrade. Effectiveness is essential because if your business does not produce effective products, no one will invest their money in t.

In order for a management team to complete their job of organizational performance they must do the following four tasks. The first is planning, where identification of appropriate goals is determined. Then there is organizing, and structure is put into the plans. Leading is next, and that occurs when articulation of a clear vision of the ultimate goals is made and every person involved knows his or her role. Controlling is the last task and it involves the evaluation process. There are 4 levels of managers. They are First-line managers, Middle managers, top managers, and finally CEO.

The first line manager is responsible for daily supervision of the subordinates; the middle manager is responsible for supervising the first line managers, the top manager makes the decision of how the organization should be ran, and the CEO of a business is the company’s most important person. Leaders and business managers have a lot in common. In order to become a manager you must have the qualities and characteristics of a leader. You must know how to handle certain situations in an effective manner. I believe you must definitely be a good leader in order to be a good manager and vice versa.