Leadership and Organizational Behavior

What reason does a multi million-dollar company have to look up outside help to solve team issues? When experts are summoned what advise can a company use to duplicate or triplicate their profit? Many changes within an organization often lower production standards and bring a company spiraling down into closure. How can we prevent bad advice from infiltrating? A CEO is responsible not only for himself, but hundreds and thousands of people. Their families depend on them as well.

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Bettering Conditions for workers not only creates appear employees, production is enhanced beyond standards once thought were not possible within an organization. Often many companies fear for change for reasons that are obvious. Machines (2005) Direct costs, saving face, fear of the unknown, breaking routine, incongruent systems, and incongruent team dynamics. People inside the company will resist in fear of change. Having to adapt to new behaviors, the idea of not doing the same thing and doing something else brings a sense of loss.

Experts who deal in implementing new policies deal with problems that moieties have solutions other times utter failure. The TASK Group (2007) “The implementation of sales methodologies and processes are only optimized when there aligned with the business imperatives of the organization. Modifications to existing processes, with which all of the company are familiar, should only be made when best practices so indicate, or implemented when there can be a reasonable expectation that such change will enhance the company’s performance”.

Leadership consulting often reestablishes lost communication branches between teams, supervisors, and upper management. Often when consulting key factors are expertise combined with experience. The combination of both will result in what works best for the company and what doesn’t. The S & F Company is a small company composed of a triangular multi level diagram representing the positions and the flow in which information is managed. When running the simulation, your first challenge is to present a flow chart illustrating the different levels within an organization.

There is a CEO followed by a second in command COO, then managers or department heads, and finally team members. S & F is setup in a traditional business form. Its structure is similar to most modern day companies following a pyramid structure. USAF (2006) Companies like IBM and U. S. F. D. A. (United States Food and Drug Administration) both share the same structure. Abrogate (2005) Formal organizations develop informal groups within them. These informal groups have well-developed social structures, histories, culture etc.

Group structure and processes serves specific purposes of controlling members, and of protecting group from management. S & F team members flow their ideas through their managers. The Objective is to have your team members happy and get them to all work together as a team to complete an objective. S & F is required to reach 100% customer satisfaction, profit increase, and in dependability. The CEO has placed a COO to accomplish these marks. Informal groups will form as work is divided among managers and workers. It is the COO job to carefully increase profits and overall work ethics but not collide head on with negative workflow.

Certain (2002) Workplace culture is the sum of the formal and informal behaviors that an organization adopts as their way of doing business. The formal side will include written statements of value, such as respect for individuals, and a written organizational chart. The informal side deals with how work gets done whether through written procedures or by circumventing those, how employees treat one another, how willing they are to share ideas and information, and how the hierarchy allows employees to cross “turf’ boundaries to get work done. S & F team member’s work through decisions made by the COO.

The managers meet with this individual and implement new incentives, trainings, programs, and fill in employee gaps. If informal groups form against the company, profit and productivity will drop immediately. Formal structure is based on company rules, regulations, and traditions. When the S & F COO makes a wrong decision and approaches the managers incorrectly there is a negative feedback from the team members and productivity numbers rapidly fall. Machines (2000) The sources of power within an organization can be legitimate power, reward power, coercive power, expert power, and referent power.

Each of these manipulates a person in a different way. All having in common one objective, power. Many achieve with an organization power through information flow or uncertainty. Power ascertained through non-substitutability can be differentiation, labor control, knowledge, and task management. There are seven types of organizational politics, managing impressions, attacking and blaming, selectively distributing information, controlling information channels, forming coalitions, cultivating networks, and creating obligations. What better examples can be used than water and oil?

Both powerful substances, which whoever possesses any of it is both rich and powerful. Miscued 2004 Organizational ileitis is defined as the management of influence to obtain ends not sanctioned by the organization or to obtain sanctioned ends through non-sanctioned influence means. Oil companies can care less for nature. Their job is to make money, and lot’s of it. They most likely will have many congressmen at their disposal to help legislate laws that don’t affect oil production. Legislating in favor of them will grant them survival of outside powers from changing or adjusting their way of doing business.

When running the S & simulation you can tell immediately that there is a power flow from one direction. Running the simulation numerous amounts of times allows for you to see that the source is a manager. In companies some employees stand out more than others. Some could say that people have ways of dealing with one another. Finding out how people interact and whom they interact better with will ensure you success for goals within a company. Irene the CEO wants production to go up 100% or the company will be handed over. The task is to delegate the correct amount of power between management and observe what works better and who.

The politics behind S & F are clear from a standpoint of upper management. Irene has set up a team to work for her. If she cannot get the team to accomplish her task the board of directors will assume that the company has no future and will pressure her to immediately delegate responsibility to someone else, or in worst cases merge one company with another. The most effective way to ensure the job gets done within S & F is through James the project manager. When choosing him to interact with both teams he gets the job done better than anyone. When working with James he will agree with your goals if you project your thoughts correctly.

If you run the simulation ND notice that the ideas you give him are not useful and productivity drops, you need to change your style immediately. Leadership styles can work in both ways, they either help or ruin what’s left of your company. If you work your way through not seeing what the team wants, its indefinite that Irene will takeover and reconstruct the organization. Our armed forces have 3 ways of describing leadership styles and how they function, U. S. Army (1973) autocratic, participative, and free rein. Clearly the military leans towards autocratic but a company can both function between autocratic and participative.

S & F is leaning towards participative. It is looking for its team members as well as management to get involved and set a standard for the industry. Memorandum To: Mr.. S & COO From: Mr.. Expert Consultant Date: March 19, 2007 There are various problems with communication within S & F. I have noticed that the team members are not getting the job done at an efficient rate. For that instance the managers as well have not been motivating or demonstrating leadership skills. Irene has set a goal for a six-month period, which will not be completed if certain barriers are not broken.

I feel the need to establish a meeting to go over different ways of directing the company. It has come to my attention that there is three managers who are not taking there job seriously. They see that you are new and perhaps your ideas are not what are best for the company. It is your job to ensure that not only they implement what decisions you make, but improve on them and bring back positive or negative feedback so that better decisions can be made on your behalf. It is imperative that you view the feedback of decisions made by you from your teams.

Their feedback will give o the direction to take. Should you offer incentives or allow for extra hiring to fill in gaps. These sorts of comments will allow for you to meet the deadline. It is best to use instruments like e-mails, memos, meetings and individual coaching. It is also my intention to arrange a meeting with you to discuss leadership styles and what to expect from these. Am sending you an ISBN number 0891061606 of a book I want you to read which will help you grasp better the concept of effective management and leadership.