Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Employee 1 demonstrates the power of reward being utilized in this given scenario. The reward powers rest on the manager’s capability of providing recognition by awards, monetary value, or acknowledgement to their staff for superior ratings. Employee 1 has worked beyond the requisite 40 hours continuously by coming to work on weekends or staying late to ensure projects are on time and have accurate information. Employee 2 works as a certified public accountant for Corporation A.

This employee works in the accounting department and is the only employee that is capable of preparing the company’s statements. The company demonstrates expert power with this employee. The employee has set his own schedule aside of the other members of the staff. The employee is able to accomplish this due to no other member of the company can accomplish his tasks. This can also be conceived as a reward power for the company allowing the employee to work a 4 day week to at the employee’s request. Employee 3 works in the sales department of Corporation A.

The employee is well liked and appears to be naturally drawn to other members of the staff. Even though Employee 3 has only been with the company a little over a year, they were selected to be the team lead on a new project. The company used the several powers during this example. The company used referent power when they noticed the enthusiasm and admirations received from the colleagues. This passage also demonstrates reward power, due to employee being given the lead position after presenting the sales pitch and thinking outside of the company’s aroma operating system.

Legitimate power can be arguable included as one of the powers present from the management. Since this employee was not with the company but a short period of time and was promoted due to the positive influence. The corporation shows that they determine who is promoted or put in lead positions within the company. Example 1 and 2 are examples of dependency and power created in the workforce. Example 1 displayed drive to work hard in order to receive the cash reward that would be provided.

Due to he point that Example 1 did not have enough money to fund the vacation without the bonus, it boohooed them to continue the constant effort for superior rating. Example one had the dependency and the corporation had the power. In Example 3 showed that the company had the dependency in this module. The company relied solely on Example 3 to accomplish the task of preparing the company s financial statements. Example 3 posses the knowledge and in return has the power in this situation, which is the reason that this member can make heir own schedule.

All three passages provided examples of how a specific power is used to accomplish an organizations task using various personal tactics. Everyone does not utilize the same skills and have to rely on the skills that work for that individual and group. Knowing your own abilities is the start of choosing a leadership style, as well as knowing the staffs personality that you are supervising.