Can a Self-Serving Leader Become a Servant Leader

Can a self-serving leader become a servant leader? Write a paper stating your position. If such a change can be made, describe how it can be accomplished. Yes, I believe a self-serving leader can become a servant leader. I say this from personal experience. In the text it spoke about the “Scrooge phenomenon,” which deals with a near death experience that causes a person to get in touch with their own mortality and realize that they life is more about what you give that what you get. (IPPP) While serving in Iraq I experienced many near death experiences, and got divorced to my first wife due o her infidelity.

As a result to these things returning home I was a mess and so I decided to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Really got to a bad point, and finally went to treatment and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Months passed, I got clean I divorced my first wife, and I enrolled into Anderson University in Human Service program with concentration in Behavioral Science. My intentions at the time were to get into this program so I could understand the things going on with my mental health and to also once I graduated, to work t the Veterans’ Hospital as a Mental Health Counselor, and help other veterans returning from the war.

The question for this paper asks if a self -serving leader can become a servant leader, I believe that by me enrolling in that curriculum to help myself and to work at the Veterans Hospital was me being self-serving. I say that, because since then God has sent many signs telling me that He has other plans for me. Several Ministers whom I didn’t even know told me that,” God has a calling for me into ministry. ” Even as I was growing up I’ve been told that I was called to be in ministry.

I also read Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Life, and realized that I went through the things I did because God has been preparing me for something greater. At the time of the test and trials I was going through had no idea of God’s purpose for me, but now afterwards I realize that it’s not about me, but God, and the reaching souls. My direction in my studies now is for me to get my Masters of Ministry Degree following Undergraduate Degree, which I am scheduled to complete December of next year. God is so awesome, must say because this lesson deals with exactly what I’m going through in my life.

I’m currently at my learner/apprentice stage, and I’m having frustration, lack of motivation, and discouragement with doing my schoolwork due to my disabilities and my surgery. (IPPP) I thank God for this lesson, because it gives me encouragement to not allow my ego to get me away from my purpose.