Leadership and Techniques Wallace

In today’s rapidly changing world, leadership is necessary to keep up with the competition. In the extract from the film “Breather”, William Wallace demonstrated many leadership techniques that helped his army prevail as an underdog. Many of the techniques Wallace used are prevalent in modern day business leaders as well. By stepping up in a leadership role, Wallace gained the respect of the entire army even though he was not the man that was put in charge. One of the main things that Wallace did was lead through his actions.

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By stepping up to the front line, it showed his troops that he was not scared and his attitude was imitated by the rest of the troops. In the present day business world, an effective leader hears what others have to say and helps them with their issues. This is just what Wallace did. In the short extract of “Breather” Wallace showed what was necessary to be a successful leader. There are many lessons that should be gained from watching William Wallace. First, no matter what the situation was, he was very calm and composed.

He was very calm when speaking with the head of the opposing army and very composed while his army was being charged at by opposing forces, even though they were obviously much outnumbered. Another characteristic of how Wallace displayed leadership was his confidence and sense of humor throughout the entire scene. He ordered his troops to pull their pants down and “moon” the English in the middle of a war standoff. I think that this was a very good technique to loosen up the troops and make them more comfortable and confident. Also his confidence was very apparent throughout the war.

He told his army that they would lose some lives but in the end they would recover their freedom. The army saw his confidence and in turn, they became more confident about victory as well. Other techniques Wallace used were being inspirational, motivational and patriotic. Before the war started, most of the troops were very uneasy and started to turn around and head home. Wallace came to the front of them, got their attention and made a very inspiring speech that fired them up and turned there attention back to the task at hand. The Scottish army was ready to turn back and concede their freedom to the English.

Wallace showed patriotism by painting his face blue for the Scottish flag and encouraged his soldiers to fight with him for their freedom. Throughout this extract of “Breather”, Wallace demonstrated how Ewing humble is a positive characteristic off leader. He acts as if he is a normal member of society and not superior to his peers and this is how he gains their respect. Another characteristic of a successful leader is being ready and willing to make a change when needed. When the opposition fired bows at the Scots, they responded by holding up their shields.

After this Wallach’s army could have been aggressive and gone after the English, but they stayed back and waited for the horses to charge. Wallace stayed calm and at the last minute ordered the troops to pull out there spears. This killed all of the horses and made it easy to kill the men on the horses. This strategic change that Wallace made was a key factor in his side’s victory. Many lessons from the extract of “Breather” are shared with present day business leaders. Those business leaders who do not use these techniques in their leading should watch this movie and learn from William Wallace.

One European business leader who shares some of the same leadership qualities of William Wallace is Passable Posterior. Posterior is the former CEO of the Italian semiconductor corporation Satisfactoriness. During his 5 years in charge, SST posted a net profit every quarter but two. Mr.. Posterior started his career at Motorola and after a very short time was promoted to the Vice President position. Posterior left Motorola, the number one chip maker, in 1980 for this Italian company ranked number 25 in the world with a 40% pay cut.

His motivation, shared with Wallace, was patriotism. Posterior made the move because he wanted to prove that a successful global company could be built and run from Europe. At the time, employees at the semiconductor company were government bureaucrats. This means that they could not be fired. “We ad to make some sacrifices and do some restructuring,” says Mr.. Posterior. “The key was we got people enthusiastic about the future. ” Like Wallace in “Breather”, Pissarro was not afraid to make a change that he thought would benefit the company.

Even if this was not the most popular decision in the short term, it ended up being very beneficial in the long run. The CEO of Bangles Titian Systems, Grins Raja shows similar leadership skills as William Wallace did. Raja’s company Titian, is the world’s most preferred supplier of ADS- based intellectual property in both software and hardware categories. Titian was founded by six of alumni of Texas Instrument Company and its aim was to build a world class company that was actually from India. Raja is a very calm, confident, patriotic and inspirational leader.

He teaches entrepreneurship and National Pride at an Information Technology school in Bangor. Raja preaches, “Entrepreneurs should want to create brand-new products out of pride for their country, because that is what we need right now. ” His confidence in himself and his colleagues helped him leave a very successful company in Texas Instrument to form Titian, which is growing rapidly. Charles Schwab, under of the discount broking firm Charles Schwab Brokerage shows similar leadership skills as William Wallace did in “Breather”.

Schwab says, “I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among men the greatest asset I possess. The way to develop the best that is in a man is by appreciation and encouragement. ” William Wallace came before his army and gave a very encouraging speech when spirits were down. This inspired the troops to be victorious in war. Schwab uses the same type of inspiration to run a successful business. Another modern day leader that shows similar leadership characteristics as shown in the extract of the elm, is Henry Ford. Henry Ford was an American businessman and the maker of the Model T Ford car.

He said, “If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. ” William Wallace was never interested in money or fame. He stood up for what he thought was the right thing, and encouraged his followers to do the same. “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently”, says Ford. Ford knew that he would not succeed at all times but if he learned from his mistakes and tried again, he would eventually in. Wallace had the same mentality.

He knew that his army would lose some of their troops during the battle, but if they were victorious, they would learn from there loses and grow strong again. There are many leadership lessons that William Wallace exposed in this short extract of “Breather”. These examples of leadership are very important in being a successful leader in the modern day business world as well. By standing strong in adversity, Wallace got the attention of his army and inspired them into battle. Wallace acts as a great guide of how businessmen should effectively lead their employees today.