Leadership Audit Analysis

For a leader to success effectively learn to communicate to people in the proper manner. This set of audits also deals with the importance of knowing one’s I style and core values. A leader must know their own mindset and ABA determine whether or not they will be a good fit in a leadership poss. certain locale. Although it is God who places leaders in a position; the leader is the one with the potential to be most successful. A Relational Skills Audit Relational skills are of utmost importance for anyone in a leadership especially for a pastor. If a leader is going to be effective they are go learn to deal with people and work through people.

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The work of God for one person to be able to handle it alone. People have said, “l like it is just the people I do not like. ” Ministry is more than just a job and than handling materials. True ministry is all about reaching people a God work in and through them. While no one likes to discipline anon it is a necessary task a leader must take on. To be an effective disciple person needs at least two qualities. The first is a love for the truth a is right. If a person does not have a genuine love for what is right, the more apt to allow bad behavior to slide.

As a leader I am passionate s a correct way and an incorrect way to behave based upon the Word Secondly, there must be an authentic love for people. If a leader love he is going to want what is best for their lives even if it involves con about their problems. God has given me a love for both of these asp deal with faculty and students every day in the position God has pal thoroughly enjoy empowering and encouraging other people whom I take great pleasure in trying to get other people to reach their full to give them the materials to succeed.

Many times I will purposely p in a position where they have to get out of their comfort zone so that e encouraged to see their potential for God. The biggest weakness i would probably be networking. I am a person who likes to be given a alone to do it. I do not always take the time to seek out others who c accomplish it. I am also a person who is somewhat an introvert so I f a bother to ask someone to help. Am sure they would help if I only and effort to ask. The Task Skills Audit To be able to competently fulfill a task is a must for anyone who De longevity in a leadership position.

While God is not looking for ability availability, he does expect the people he calls to perfect the talents assess. Jesus brought this point out so vividly in the Parable of the Matthew chapter twenty-five. The person who is perfecting their tale person whom people will notice. Solomon said, “Sets thou a man did business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mea men” (Proverbs 22:29; KAVA). The art of preaching is a task that I have worked hard on. When Go me to preach was so nervous that I would dry-heave when got be pulpit. I struggled putting together an outline of more than one point.

I have, with the help of the Lord, conquered my fear of standing before people and ministering passionately, authoritatively, and illustratively. Recently I conducted a survey among students of the good qualities of preachers they listen to on a regular basis. One of my top qualities they pointed out was my preparedness. Time management is another one of my strong points. I have learned to reject the good in order to pursue the great. I work a full time job, take two college courses, and preach on Sunday nights; therefore, I have had to learn to prioritize my time to be as effective as I can in all areas.

I have also learned how to schedule in relaxation time, lest I fall apart. Advertising is one of my weaker areas. I am not one to impose on someone else so I have a hard time trying to push a product on anyone. I have learned in past business ventures that I am not a natural salesman. I need to start speaking up more for a “product” I believe in instead of just portraying it by my example and use of it. The Leadership Style Audit Leaders are the ones in front directing how an organization is being run. The fact is “that leaders are doers and what they do is influence. “Every leader has a style of influence that has an impact on people, so it’s important that leaders correctly perceive how they influence their followers. When I took this audit I found that have an Analytical-Director leadership style. I have a desire for God’s work to be done in a quality way. When God created the world he stepped back and looked at it, and saw that it was very good (Gene. 1:31). I believe that Christians ought to have the best materials available and the should produce the best materials possible. As a leader I am also self-disciplined and a self-starter.

I am one who sees a joy that needs to be done and jumps in and sees that it is accomplished. My weakness would be that I do not enjoy someone looking over my shoulder. If I deed help I will gladly seek someone out who has the ability to help me. I would also have to say that there are times when I am “cool, distant, and reserved. ” My other strength is being a director. I not only like to challenge myself to do the best I can, but I enjoy challenging those around me to step up their efforts and do more for God. I am not afraid to change a policy or procedure if there is better way to achieve something.

I have learned not to make hasty decisions. In order to receive the best outcome I chart the best course to accomplish the task There are times when I can be bossy, especially when I am stressed over a mountain of problems that are piling up at once. The Structure Audit Sensing the need of when to take on responsibility has always been a strength mine. Am a person who likes to have a plan to see that tasks are finished. That plan will include a way to get the job done with plenty of time to spare. I do not enjoy work piling up and trying to complete a responsibility at the last moment.

I know how to put a plan in place and delegate it out so that it is accomplished. When an organization has a combination of a centralized and a decentralized ministry structure it functions the best. I believe in having the best and brightest leaders at the top of the ministry organization. I do feel they should make the most of the decisions. I believe though that those who are closer to the situation are on the first line of defense. I think they should report to those in charge with major problems and what they feel is the best solution on key tasks.

There should not be a lot of “red tape. ” I believe they should work together to see that the task is accomplished in the best way with the leader on top making the final decision. I feel that power is best served when it is shared. If a leader has he right people around them then their span of control does not have to be as great. There should be teamwork on the top tiers of leadership where everyone is responsible for a certain portion of the work so that no one is bogged down by too many details and responsibilities. When a team member is bogged down they can become easily worn down.

I do not feel that any certain person has ownership of a certain work. I do believe that there needs to be a strong sense of stewardship in the hearts of the leaders. They need to realize that they have a grave responsibility before God for his work. They also have a great accountability to the people who they serve to see that God’s work is carried out efficiently and effectively in the right manner. The Leader’s Core Value Audit The Leaders Core Value Audit is important because a leader will only rise as high as his foundation will allow him.

The taller the building; the deeper and stronger the foundation needs to be. It is my desire as a leader to have a solid core that God can use and build upon. The principle of fairness is very important to me. I grew up in a dysfunctional home and have witnessed firsthand what mistreatment consists of. I have seen he negative impact on a person and the suffering they have went through to serve God. I try to make sure that everyone feels welcomed and that they know that their part of the ministry is making an impact on the bigger picture.

As a Christian leader I feel it is extremely important to know the Bible. It is the only book that is alive and changes the reader. It is the sword that God has given us to take the battle to the enemy and to defend the faith that has been delivered to the saints (Pep. 6; Jude 1). It is a command in the Word of God that for a minister to be approved he must know how to study and interpret the Word f God effectively (II Tim. 2:15). A person’s relationship with the Lord should be the number one priority in life; after that, it should be the leaders family.

Paul told Timothy in his search for leaders, “For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God? ” (l Tim. 3:5). If a leader fails in the mission of taking care of their family, which should be closest to their heart, why should the church trust them to have their best interest in mind? Cultural relevance is an area I can improve upon. I am effective in ministering to those I am familiar with and share a common background. I need to spend more time studying the cultures of other groups to devise ways to better communicate the gospel with them.

The Ideal Circumstances Audit God has a certain place in the ministry for everyone. That is why he gave the church different gifts so it might be healthy and profitable. It is only when I find their God-given place that they can be used and profitable to their full extent. God has made each person with different preferences and the Ideal Circumstances Audit can help a person narrow their focus to a position who they can fit in more easily. My ideal setting would be in a church that is growing. I am passionate ABA growth. I do not enjoy being around ministries that are declining.

It is my p to see churches come alive in their outreach vision as well as in the spiritual their services. When people come to church they should be able to have an anticipation that they are going to get fed from the Word of God. They shoo excited about coming because there is going to be an atmosphere where the presence of God is going to be in the midst. I would like to pastor a medium size church that is about middle-aged. A c of this magnitude is big enough to make a noticeable impact on a communion s also small enough where the pastor can have a personal relationship wit congregation.

I would like to pastor a church where there is a combination of all ages. A mixture of ages makes for a healthy church, because each has their own gig Children put smiles on people’s faces. Young people add life and energy to services and outreach of a church. The middle-aged group provides the Mac of the workers in the church. The older adults provide the stability and mat that a church needs. It does not matter to me what the ethnicity of the members are. I do prep church located in the suburbs. This location allows a church to have outré in both the inner city and rural areas.

The Pastor-Organization Fit Audit The Pastor-Organization Audit helps a pastor determine how close their vi match the views of a congregation. The work of the ministry can be difficult under the best situations; therefore, it is important that a perspective lead know what they are getting themselves into before they commit to a posits While it is God who sends leaders to fulfill positions this audit serves to hell leader prepare a plan for success. In my current position the church’s doctrinal beliefs and mine correspond s an absolute must for any position I take in the ministry.

It is hard to stay same page if there are doctrinal differences because you are looking thro different types of glasses. Mullah’s points out that “it would be wise to expo the nonessential of both the leader and the church. ” The more the leader the congregation know about each other the less chance there will be for conflict. I believe that it is important that the leader have the capabilities that the church is lacking. It can be very frustrating for a leader to feel like they are contributing to the overall success of an organization.

It is hard for a leader put their whole self into something when they feel like someone else can d as good of a job and that they are just one of many. There are times when there does not appear to be a perfect fit when it is God’s will for a leader to be there. A church might have plateau and grow comfortable and God desires for a certain type of leader to come in and info fresh vision and direction. I have also seen churches going through troubles where God sent the right leader there to correct the problem.

In both of these situations there was not a perfect fit at first and some people resisted the change. In the end God had his way and the churches prospered. The best HTH for a leader to do is make sure they know the voice and plan of God. Conclusion This set of leadership audit analysis has been eye-opening. I found out that leadership style is analytical-director. This has clued me in on my strong areas that I can continue to shore up and my weak areas that I need to be more mindful of. I have received a greater desire to pass on the burdens of my heart and ministry into others.

I want to see strong leadership become apparent in the lie of my students; however, I will not see this to the extent that I want unless I “s t to them with the same passion that the importance of leadership has on me order for me to see excellent leadership produced I must be in front to show what proper leadership is by example. Children are produced by parents and portray their parent’s values and personalities. I want my students to produce what I have lived and help propel them to even greater heights.

I have not always found myself in the ideal circumstances to be able to enforce what I thought was the best solution to a task at hand, but a good director is a to take a deep breath and submit to the final authority. If there have been percussions in the outcome of that situation, I have learned to not act smug but help pick up the pieces. When I have been in the final authority position, have been able to look back and learn from those times when I was a team member and keep those tragedies from reoccurring.